Back on Tuesday! Britney Spears posted her fur coat in a tight-fitting pink dress and sexy home

Cheap Long Gown DressThe pop star likes to show off her hot body and favorite choir.

Britney Spears posted for the first time in December a picture on her sexy pink tailored dress and faux fur coat

The 36-year-old actor shared another photo with her mini-family photo on Tuesday – a pink bow with emoticons that tagged the photo.

As early as December 12, Spears posted her signature dance video on Instagram on a pink Cheap Long Gown Dress.

The clip received over 7 million comments.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

“This is a Cyndi Lauper’s day,” she said, as she dances to the background where girls just want to have fun.

Spears wears a pink, halter Cheap Long Gown Dress and black high heel Mary Jane’s shoes with a white faux fur jacket.

When she posed for the camera, she wore blonde long hair and curly hair.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

The singer does not wear a bra in a bandage dress.

The duo’s mum posted a second photo on Instagram on the live production of one of her sons, Disney Aladdin.

“This is our journey to Aladdin’s childhood. What a great show!” She said in the title.

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The hit maker has two boys, Sean, 12, and Jayden James, 11.

She shares her offspring with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, who divorced in 2007.

Britney Spears will return to the stage in July and August 2018, after a brief performance.

Damn, I made this singer recently packed her live in Sin City on Las Vegas New Year’s Eve four years later.

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She announced a week ago that she will take her to the Piece Of Me tour this summer to pick up cities in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Fans are saying more – especially in the UK, travel tickets are sold out in minutes.

“Both of you … I can not tell you how much I missed the show’s performance! Blonde bombs say a post on Instagram.” Can not wait to return to the road this summer.

He made a U-TURN Lewis Hamilton bought a new dress for his nephew at Disneyland because he was forced to apologize shamelessly on the Instagram video, “The boy does not wear a skirt”

Long Gown Dress

Lewis Hamilton put his nephew in a new dress while on a trip to Disneyland, where he was ashamed of wearing a dress on Instagram.

The F1 driver was shot last year and was forced to apologize after posting the video, seeing that he told young Kaiden, “The boy does not wear a skirt.”

On weekends, he saw him walking in a princess dress with his niece and nephew in the main street of the theme park.

Lewis and the young man stopped at the Bippity Boppity boutique, picking up their proudly imitating the day’s dress. Choose long-haired princess famous costume, and his niece chooses a Snow White.

Long Gown Dress

Lewis, 33, also dislikes dressing up, choosing to wear tracksuits and T-shirts and show off new hairstyles.

During Christmas, Lewis made headlines when filming movies in purple and pink Long Gown Dress and dresses.

He told his Instagram follower “Now I’m sad” and then put a camera on his young nephew.

Lewis asked him: “Why did you wear a princess dress? Is this a present for Christmas? Why do you ask for a princess Long Gown Dress for Christmas, a boy does not wear a princess dress!”

He later removed the video from the public outcry and publicly apologized for admitting that it was “a misjudgment.”

Long Gown Dress

“Yesterday I played with my nephew and realized that my words were inappropriate, so I deleted this post,” he explained.

“I mean no harm, does not mean offended anyone, I love my nephew can freely express themselves.

“I apologize for my actions because I realized that no one can accept anyone, no one is marginalized or stereotyped wherever you are from.

“I’ve always supported anyone who lives in their lives, and they want me to be forgiven in this judgment.”

She wore an anti-abortion dress for Grameen, but who is happy house?

Cheap Long Gown Dress

On Sunday night, singer Jack Joy Villa turned away and showed Grammys a Cheap Long Gown Dress with anti-abortion messages.

This year there is no Grammy nominated singer, wearing a white Cheap Long Gown Dress, next to the rainbow-colored fetal picture engraved with the “choose life” message. In an interview with Fox News, Vera explains the idea behind her choice: “I am a biological woman and this year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet, as usual.” I am entirely about life. “She added that this The clothes are inspired by her own choosing to adopt a baby at the age of 21, and she believes women should choose abortion.

Anti-abortion clothing is not her first political statement on the red carpet. At last year’s Grammy Awards, she wore a red, white and blue Cheap Long Gown Dress, decorated with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Americanization again.” In December last year, Villa accused Trump of former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of improper contact at the festival party. However, in an interview with Fox News, Vera emphasized that she was still a Trump fan: “I like what he is doing and the unemployment rate is declining. I am completely President Trump, only a year. I can not wait Next seven years! ”

This respect seems to be reciprocal; she received the president’s approval when Vera announced she was considering running for political office in October and wrote on Twitter: “Good luck to everyone because she decides to enter the wonderful politics She has a lot of fans!

The villa is not the only one to make a statement with the appearance of a red carpet; after a group of actresses wearing black Cheap Long Gown Dress to the Golden Globe as a sign of the #MeToo campaign in support of ongoing oppositional abuse and harassment Celebrities presented a white rose to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, expressing similar messages.

This is the best time to buy your wedding dress

Cheap Long Gown Dress

If you are engaged, congratulations! Next is the clothing shopping, we found that the best time to buy wedding. Yes, that’s right, there is a specific time of the year, time and the designer’s choice is right for every bride – and it’s the entire month of January.

This not only brought the new year and the resolution (which may or may not be retained), but also the proposed time of the peak and the holiday in January, which means that it welcomes a large number of new unmarried women. And, the bridal market has noticed the prime time of wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress making the first month of the year. No matter if you suddenly had this problem with your fiancé yesterday or four months ago, we all have the bride expert to weigh up why so many brides spend “The One” in January.

1.For the bride in the summer, this is a crucial moment

Shareen Mitchell, owner of Shareen Bridal, said January is not only the best time to get married in summer, but also a crucial moment. “If you get married in June, July or August, you need to make a lot of decisions in January.” If you ordered your Cheap Long Gown Dress in January, then give you four months to come Choose your dress and shoes, you also need to see a tailor every month, from the time axis point of view, it is becoming the most important month.

According to Mitchell, most independent bridal retailers need about 5-6 months to make and change dresses. So, so many brides still choose summer weddings, January means that it is time to do business in apparel shopping. However, more and more brides seem to be preferring spring, autumn or even winter weddings. Mitchell added: “January is the right time to start looking if you get married in the fall, but Mitchell estimates that it takes 6-9 months for business gowns to make and deliver gowns.” If you go from one Retailers shopping there without providing change, you also need to spend extra time before the wedding to find a usable seamstress, because many people quickly book.

2.New stock

The first month of this year also requires a new wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress purchase. Some collections of the Bridal Fashion Week in January will arrive in stores in January, with many beauty salons ending the year with the removal of any old models last year, so January is a good time for Gabriella Risatti Say.

3. Holidays and participation in the season

January is also the best time to buy a wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress because it is the engagement season after the holidays. Risatti said: “We saw a lot of brides in January, some of them related to wedding dates and others related to holiday activities.” Thanksgiving began with the participation of the season, so all the women who took part in November and December finally completed The holiday obligations, and are ready to start planning a wedding. ”

And since January is usually a rather bland month, there is no better way to beat the blues of the winter than trying on gorgeous wedding dresses. “It’s perfect day to day with your closest friends and / or parents,” Risatti said. “Plus, most people do not have too many travel plans in January, meaning they are ready and The bride wears clothes together.

However, if you go shopping in January, Risatti recommends that you prepare for the winter weather. Unpredictable ice and snow may cause flights to be canceled, public transport is shut down, and even some bridal shops are closed early. “There has always been a plan B, just in case,” Lisatti said. “It could mean booking an extra day or weekend dress shopping just in case you can not get the date due to the weather, and if you add a few pounds during the holidays do not be intimidated.” Some women want to wait until They go shopping when they are healthy, but we do not want to wait, as doing so will eventually bring you more stress and even long-term money. ”

4. Sample sales season

Most bridal retailers hold sample sales twice a year in major cities, usually in summer and early winter. The bridal salon is trying to clean up the old stock to pave the way for new stores, researching retailers to find out their specific sample sales dates, and confirming the need to schedule appointments in advance. You can get up to 90% of the dresses, but choose last year’s sample clothes (No. 8-12 wedding dress), the final sale, no sales staff, may not have the fitting room.

Risatti said: “For the sale of the sample, my advice is to buy the dress regularly to get what kind of dress the bride wants, including which silhouettes are best for her.” “And then when she went for a sample sale she Can be very focused and criticized for her shopping, and the bride is not important for the gown to settle because of the discount, and they may not be completely satisfied at the end of the day unless they really bought their favorite gown. “She also suggested Together or with another shopping partner, because sample sales tend to be incredibly overcrowded.

5.New Year, new clothes

Mitchell also believes that the New Year can help brides to high-end clothing shopping to the climax. She said: “Many girls face the new year.” Or, they know they have six months to attend the wedding, or they just got engaged. “She added:” In January, the newly-married bride begins to look. “

Valentino’s “Irene” dress behind the story, named after the women

At this time of last year, Pierpaolo Piccioli has named each Long Gown Dress suppliers in his spring 17-year women’s collection after the Greek or Roman goddess Pasitea, Pandora, Aphrodite. At yesterday’s spring 2018 press conference, these Long Gown Dress suppliers were named after real people: men and women. “I hate them being called” petite lords, “Piccioli told Vogue’s Sara Mill. “They are not” hands “and they are people.” By emphasizing their work (Valentino also posted an interview with the seamstress on Instagram) Piccioli also pointed out the Paradox of Haute Couture: It is the finest on Earth And the most fashionable fashion, but also the most humane In the brand’s Rome studio, those delicate grosgrain jacket, soft cut trousers and glittering robes are hand-sewn, and some works need to count Hundred hours of time, there are many professional craftsmen.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

The show’s editors (and the rest of us watching the live broadcast) were first drawn to the fascinating colors of this collection, from marigold to lime to Valentino Red, as well as the genius of fashion silhouettes and practical pants and trench coats. But do not skip those simple pieces. For this season, the actress insisted on black Long Gown Dress suppliers code, “Irene” (also known as Look 63) will be the highlight of the series. Here, the studio devoted to making the details of the costume with Vogue.

Starting with the black tulle base, the robe is covered in 700-inch gauze and silk crepe. According to the studio, “every drop of the 700 droplets is drawn by the precise hand of five seamstresses, cut off, and then placed on silk with a tiny hem” to crop, requiring more than 1,500 meters Ribbon. With the Vogue Runway Zoom function, you can almost see each stitch, and you’ll see “drips” getting bigger from tights to skirts. You may notice that Selena Forrest’s hands are hidden under a layer of tulle, with a dark lace around her waist for extra coverage, while others hide the hint of the skin.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

All this shows that even the most subtle looks have a story – often requiring the most work. Get ready to take a look at the young star at the Academy Awards and keep up with our fashion coverage on Fashion Runway.

Remember Pharrell’s hat? How about the green dress of J.Lo? Review the Grammy fashion

On May 4, 1959, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Gene Autry and other music celebrities attended both the official Gala Dinner and golden statues in Los Angeles and New York to receive the first Grammy Awards.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Christine Farnon, who helped organize her first speech and became executive vice president of the Recording Academy, said: “I remember no one was opposed to wearing a black tie at the time, though, as with many others, the Grammy site The history is short.

Change the Grammy fashion, more than 60 performances slowly evolved into the craziest and weird red carpet in the awards season. By 1974, Cher’s navel came out, just like a barometer.

Early years, tuxedos and traditional evening Cheap Long Gown Dress prevailed. David Bowie just helped them out of their dilemma with David Bowie’s orange hair. Liberace and Aretha Franklin add shine. Bette Midler used to wear a .45 album on her hair. Dolly Parton appeared in brightly colored pink pants decades ago, with bright pink pants modest in the pants behind.

In those relatively simple times, by the 1960s and 1970s, there was a lot of big bursts of hair. With the Neru collar, the Beatles wearing a hat and Isaac Hayes boldly brought it to huge bedding. By the eighties everything had happened, and Michael Jackson had a flash glove in his hand.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Nwaka Onwusa, director of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, said: “When you compare it to other awards, you never know what Grammy you get.” Everybody in the music can be welcome, no matter what you’re wearing . It is not necessarily the case of a tuxedo. There is no limit to music, this is a cool thing. ”

Take a look at some of the most outrageous fashion moments at the Grammy Awards:

Cher Butterfly Night
Before Cher played Bob McKie on full-time, she played with a giant green and pink crystal butterfly on the 1974 Grammy, with her long head on the side of her long black hair Long dark hair flows down. Beneath this oversized glittering insect, is a tiny, white, silk-trimmed silk blouse with a huge butterfly on her chest.

The theme was taken to the lower part of her drooping waist. This is a bellied party. She has a long coat, used as a photo shield.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Rick James & Grace Jones
That year was 1983. That was before Lady Gaga was born. The bad boy, his long pigtail – had short braids in front, and the shameless Jones had a great time at Grammy’s camera.

He wore a shiny, sweatshirt with long-sleeved sweatshirts, a bracelet and jogger studded with a bracelet on his belt. Jones wearing an open vinyl jacket, spaghetti, almost no imagination. She wore an umbrella-shaped hat on her head and long black gloves in her hand.

Although we have lost James, Jones is still alive today breaking the fashion barrier.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Do you know that we recently saw a lot of backs on the red carpet? Well, Celine did it in 1993 and thank you very much.

Her look is full of black lace. Its jacket has long trumpet sleeves that average fall to the neck. Under it there is a small black panties. Dion has a smile on the front and back.

She smudged her hair and her bedroom was dirty.

Jennifer Lopez does not – there is green
J.Lo welcomed the new millennium as a rising star in 2000. She appeared in Grammy’s pure silk chiffon Versace green Cheap Long Gown Dress, tropical leaves and bamboo pattern. This Cheap Long Gown Dress is the first appearance of Donatella Versace after his brother Gianni was killed.

There is an understatement to say that a plunge in front of this Cheap Long Gown Dress. It has almost no frontage and relies heavily on adhesives to keep the side of the wardrobe inoperative.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

The open front drops directly above the pelvic area and a large citrine brooch provides strategic coverage with the help of smaller lemon trees. It has a long sleeve, a short train back, swept the ground.

It was placed on the catwalk before Lopez wears it. Donatella wore himself in Met Gala in 1999. Spice girl Geri Halliwell appeared at the NRJ Music Awards in France about a month before Lopez. But Lopez turned it to himself and changed the game on the red carpet because the plunge was replicated for years.

The word is clothing picture was downloaded at such a fanatical pace, Google decided to create its search google image feature.

Toni Braxton is on the goddess white
How does a singer’s stunger follow the goth artist on the Grammy red carpet? In 2001, Braxton wore a white silk shirt – Richard Tyler Cheap Long Gown Dress pulled a J.Lo, not a white dress.

She wore a Cheap Long Gown Dress without any side, wearing hip went clothes, holding a piece of fabric decorated with crystal, the front and back together. However, no one behind or almost no front line.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Halter exposed navel. She uses a rare pair of double-sided tape to maintain the highest status. The next day she talked about the cold water, especially on this issue: a belt involved.

Lady Gaga is a good witch
At the 52nd Grammy Awards 2010, Gaga went to Jetsons, hitting a red carpet with glittering futuristic dresses by Armani Prive with metal hoops hanging on it. She held a huge photo of a starfish. Her wig is a bright yellow ombre that appears to be attached to the top of a corset-style garment. Gaga for those who like her kind of high platform shoes.

Skirt skirt short in the front short, rigidly opened in the back of a shaved ice length, forming an oval shape, well with all the hoops. That night, she won an amazing pose when she won the best dance recordings and best electronic dance album two awards.

Nicki Minaj and Pope
In 2012, singer rapper wearing a red Versace cloak, wearing a blond hair, walking on the red carpet. She is dressed as a pope, hat and so on. There are ruffles under her high-necked, beaded black decorations and matching satin wrist gloves, lent the air, what? Nun’s habit is mentioned.

A few days later, Minaj explained her mood that night, and finally performed as a priest, an exorcism and a suspended show. She said it was part of a movie she wrote. Ok.

Pharrell really tall hat
Do you know who should receive the Grammy Awards in 2014? Vivienne Westwood Canadian Mountie Hat on Pharrell’s head, who is it.

He put the hat and shorts together, is the Internet topic. Fast-food chain Arby even wrote on his Twitter: “Hey @Pharrell, can we get back our hat? #GRAMMYs” because it’s very similar to its logo.

Pharrell eventually sold hats on eBay for $ 44,100, from one hand to another, and his philanthropy helped children learn through technology and the arts.

Buyer? Abi’s.

Rihanna candy
This is super huge. This is bubble gum pink. This is the beautiful 2015 tulle strapless Grammy dress.

Giambattista Valli’s two-tier skirt is called “The Cupcake.” There is a girl innocent, not the edge of her usual bad girl. Critics have some fun, such as a cake dress and a tribute to Goddess Greta Linda.

It is said that Rihanna found the dress online during the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Beyonce, the real queen

February 2017. Beyonce looks forward to her twins. She performed gold, crown and neckline at Grammy.

Look carefully at the body hugging clothes, you will see a portrait of an embroidered Queen Beckham himself in the center of the navel flapping.

Peter Dundas designed the dress and other people that night. This is his first name after working for the Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci brands.

Dundas told Vogue it took a week to embroider 50 people. Gustav Klimt and Erte are inspired by the theme of decorative arts. He said Beyoncé’s lyrics of “Love Drought” also play a role in story-driven design. Sun rays symbolize the African goddess Oshun. Dundas added two little angels on the buttocks wearing ivy.

Bey won the Grammy for “Lemonade” tonight, praising the beauty of black beauty in her speech.

Designers who wore Aysha Mehajer’s luxurious wedding dresses with luxurious wedding dresses claimed they were married to “cheap and dirty Lycra dresses”

The Australian designer who is now married to Salim Mehajer’s current ex-wife has become involved in the painful battles with dissatisfied customers.

In 2015, Aysha Learmonth da da in a stunning lace Long Gown Dress suppliers designed by Nektaria World, married a former mayor of Auburn.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

And the gaudy embroidered white Long Gown Dress suppliers caught the brides’ attention as they turned to the seamstresses and designed their own Long Gown Dress suppliers for their special day.

However, clients Olena Temelkovski and Tash Smarelli were disappointed when their dream wedding got worse.

Appears in the current incident, which pairs – who claimed they spent thousands of dollars in clothes – accused Brand Director Natalie Georg missing their expectations.

“Just a month before I got married, she just gave me something. It’s a cheap Lycra, just like a Long Gown Dress suppliers underneath,” Ms. Temelkovski claims.

“It’s getting dirty because it’s worn out, that’s what they want me to take.

Ms. Smarell added: “She (the designer) said she could not do the skirts she had sketched for her and we had to use different materials.

“I do not know what to do, I do not think I will wear a Long Gown Dress suppliers.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

The angry bride also set up an Instagram account to let customers share their horror wedding stories about the brand.

One person wrote: “I took $ 3,000 as a deposit, but when I flew to Melbourne for the weekends, she was not even in Melbourne.

Another claimed online: “Once I paid, they stopped responding to me, did not confirm or pay, and did not return the voice mail.

When designer Craig Braybrook represented some brides on Ms. Georges, he told ACA he was threatened with libel e-mail.

He told ACA: “It’s a bit ridiculous because of a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes, so I’m just presuming this is not a valid one.

Ms. Temelkovski said that when she requested a refund, Ms. Georgys provided half of the $ 5,000 deposit refund.

Ms. Temekowski said: “I do not agree with this because I think it is not fair.

The ACA reports that Ms. Georgie claims that Ms. Temelkovski constantly changes her mind about wedding dresses.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

Under arm’s length trading, customers may sign a binding agreement to trade when they deposit on the item.

If you change your mind, the trader may be entitled to retain all or part of the deposit.

David Maunsell, a lawyer at Consumer Conduct Law Center, told A Current Affair there is “risk” when buying bridal gowns.

He said consumers need to be aware of these.

“They need to manage their expectations and show the designers what they expect to meet those expectations where possible.”

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Nektaria World for comment.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

This orange is the new black star wearing the SAG award for a gorgeous $ 200 dress

Cheap Long Gown Dress

2018 SAG Awards received a lot of designer Cheap Long Gown Dress and accessories, but some celebrities choose a more affordable appearance.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

It was refreshing to see Millie Bobby Brown rocking a pair of Converse sneakers instead of high heels on the red carpet and grabbing Ladybird’s Beanie Feldstein to re-wear her high school ball gown to the awards ceremony.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

However, they are not the only ones who violate the traditional red carpet rules. Orange is the new black Taryn Manning appeared in a black $ 200 Cheap Long Gown Dress.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Adrianna Papell’s maxi dress is a classic style that anyone can wear, Taryn jewelry from Kimberly McDonald, rings and bracelets from Gabriel NY, and Aquazzura High heels Cheap Long Gown Dress up.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

At SAG Awards night, affordable clothing looks as elegant as any other $ 1,000 dress, but most of all, it’s still shopping.

Taryn follows the footsteps of other fashion ladies such as Chrissy Metz in stylish red carpet dresses at an affordable price.

Natalia Dyer’s 2018 SAG Award constellation tweeter star

If you are a stranger, it happens to be astrology, your mind may explode. Natalia Dyer’s 2018 SAG Awards Zodiac Dress is as elegant as a celestial body, so no wonder her Cheap Long Gown Dress is the subject of conversation (so far).

Cheap Long Gown Dress Dell wearing our favorite Christian Dior 2017 Haute Couture Cheap Long Gown Dress, completely out of this world. The 21-year-old nominee is dressed for hope of a major victory on Sunday night thanks to a great performance in a cast. Is it written on the stars? No matter what the outcome, it seems she has won. Have a look at what Twitter has to say.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

One of the common themes in the commentary is that Natalia Dale looks like a “princess.” Others call her “goddess” and “queen,” you know? We totally agree!

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Natalia Dyer glowed in the astrological sign on the constellation with a see-through corset in black, matching the dress with Beladora jewelry and Christian Louboutin stilettos. This is behind the scenes shared by her designer Brad Goreski.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

But every fashion girl knows that without an impeccable look, there is not a complete look. Dell finished her look with impeccable cat’s eyes and smooth (and equally extraordinary) bread.

Caitlyn Jenner shows her legs in a black dress with 21-year-old friend Sophia Hutchins

Long Gown Dress suppliersCaitlyn Jenner dressed in coffee Friday with her friend Sophia Hutchins in Malibu, California.

The 68-year-old former Olympian looked both happy and relaxed as she left Coffee at Starbucks.

Wearing a long white shirt and black clothes, reality show stars are showing off their legs in a single-color Chris Jenner style appearance.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

Kate tied the Long Gown Dress suppliers with black leather high knee boots and a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Sophia Hutchins, a 21-year-old transgender, joins Caitlyn with her friend and looks dressed in a pair of tan-clad pants, a black sleeveless top and a pair of nude slippers. fashion.

The television star recently found himself forced to film romantic rumors between the two.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

In October, two women were on holiday in Mexico, causing many to speculate that they were a project.

But Kate later told the U.S. weekly she and Sofia had no appointments – ending the hope of finding love again with his wife, Kris Jenner, since the 2015 divorce.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

In the meantime, Caitlyn recently appeared in Pierce Morgan’s “Life Story,” where she was asked about sexuality.

“You have six children, I do not want to be too intrusive, but do you like sex with women?” Pierce asked.

“You might ask them,” Caitlyn responded.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

Pierce did not know if she thought she was a sex worker, and Caitlin’s sexuality was never an important part of her life.

Then, the Good Morning British host, famous for his tough interview style, decided to push things further.

“Tell me if I have to go far, but do you have sex now?” He asked.

“You’re too much,” Caitlyn explained. “It’s none of your business.”

In an interview later, the former Olympic champion told Pierce: “People think that because you are a great time athlete, you are running around.

“I did not even close, I have always respected women, I have never fools, I do not run around, gender is not so important.