Valentino’s “Irene” dress behind the story, named after the women

At this time of last year, Pierpaolo Piccioli has named each Long Gown Dress suppliers in his spring 17-year women’s collection after the Greek or Roman goddess Pasitea, Pandora, Aphrodite. At yesterday’s spring 2018 press conference, these Long Gown Dress suppliers were named after real people: men and women. “I hate them being called” petite lords, “Piccioli told Vogue’s Sara Mill. “They are not” hands “and they are people.” By emphasizing their work (Valentino also posted an interview with the seamstress on Instagram) Piccioli also pointed out the Paradox of Haute Couture: It is the finest on Earth And the most fashionable fashion, but also the most humane In the brand’s Rome studio, those delicate grosgrain jacket, soft cut trousers and glittering robes are hand-sewn, and some works need to count Hundred hours of time, there are many professional craftsmen.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

The show’s editors (and the rest of us watching the live broadcast) were first drawn to the fascinating colors of this collection, from marigold to lime to Valentino Red, as well as the genius of fashion silhouettes and practical pants and trench coats. But do not skip those simple pieces. For this season, the actress insisted on black Long Gown Dress suppliers code, “Irene” (also known as Look 63) will be the highlight of the series. Here, the studio devoted to making the details of the costume with Vogue.

Starting with the black tulle base, the robe is covered in 700-inch gauze and silk crepe. According to the studio, “every drop of the 700 droplets is drawn by the precise hand of five seamstresses, cut off, and then placed on silk with a tiny hem” to crop, requiring more than 1,500 meters Ribbon. With the Vogue Runway Zoom function, you can almost see each stitch, and you’ll see “drips” getting bigger from tights to skirts. You may notice that Selena Forrest’s hands are hidden under a layer of tulle, with a dark lace around her waist for extra coverage, while others hide the hint of the skin.

Long Gown Dress suppliers

All this shows that even the most subtle looks have a story – often requiring the most work. Get ready to take a look at the young star at the Academy Awards and keep up with our fashion coverage on Fashion Runway.

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