Remember Pharrell’s hat? How about the green dress of J.Lo? Review the Grammy fashion

On May 4, 1959, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Gene Autry and other music celebrities attended both the official Gala Dinner and golden statues in Los Angeles and New York to receive the first Grammy Awards.

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Christine Farnon, who helped organize her first speech and became executive vice president of the Recording Academy, said: “I remember no one was opposed to wearing a black tie at the time, though, as with many others, the Grammy site The history is short.

Change the Grammy fashion, more than 60 performances slowly evolved into the craziest and weird red carpet in the awards season. By 1974, Cher’s navel came out, just like a barometer.

Early years, tuxedos and traditional evening Cheap Long Gown Dress prevailed. David Bowie just helped them out of their dilemma with David Bowie’s orange hair. Liberace and Aretha Franklin add shine. Bette Midler used to wear a .45 album on her hair. Dolly Parton appeared in brightly colored pink pants decades ago, with bright pink pants modest in the pants behind.

In those relatively simple times, by the 1960s and 1970s, there was a lot of big bursts of hair. With the Neru collar, the Beatles wearing a hat and Isaac Hayes boldly brought it to huge bedding. By the eighties everything had happened, and Michael Jackson had a flash glove in his hand.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Nwaka Onwusa, director of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, said: “When you compare it to other awards, you never know what Grammy you get.” Everybody in the music can be welcome, no matter what you’re wearing . It is not necessarily the case of a tuxedo. There is no limit to music, this is a cool thing. ”

Take a look at some of the most outrageous fashion moments at the Grammy Awards:

Cher Butterfly Night
Before Cher played Bob McKie on full-time, she played with a giant green and pink crystal butterfly on the 1974 Grammy, with her long head on the side of her long black hair Long dark hair flows down. Beneath this oversized glittering insect, is a tiny, white, silk-trimmed silk blouse with a huge butterfly on her chest.

The theme was taken to the lower part of her drooping waist. This is a bellied party. She has a long coat, used as a photo shield.

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Rick James & Grace Jones
That year was 1983. That was before Lady Gaga was born. The bad boy, his long pigtail – had short braids in front, and the shameless Jones had a great time at Grammy’s camera.

He wore a shiny, sweatshirt with long-sleeved sweatshirts, a bracelet and jogger studded with a bracelet on his belt. Jones wearing an open vinyl jacket, spaghetti, almost no imagination. She wore an umbrella-shaped hat on her head and long black gloves in her hand.

Although we have lost James, Jones is still alive today breaking the fashion barrier.

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Do you know that we recently saw a lot of backs on the red carpet? Well, Celine did it in 1993 and thank you very much.

Her look is full of black lace. Its jacket has long trumpet sleeves that average fall to the neck. Under it there is a small black panties. Dion has a smile on the front and back.

She smudged her hair and her bedroom was dirty.

Jennifer Lopez does not – there is green
J.Lo welcomed the new millennium as a rising star in 2000. She appeared in Grammy’s pure silk chiffon Versace green Cheap Long Gown Dress, tropical leaves and bamboo pattern. This Cheap Long Gown Dress is the first appearance of Donatella Versace after his brother Gianni was killed.

There is an understatement to say that a plunge in front of this Cheap Long Gown Dress. It has almost no frontage and relies heavily on adhesives to keep the side of the wardrobe inoperative.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

The open front drops directly above the pelvic area and a large citrine brooch provides strategic coverage with the help of smaller lemon trees. It has a long sleeve, a short train back, swept the ground.

It was placed on the catwalk before Lopez wears it. Donatella wore himself in Met Gala in 1999. Spice girl Geri Halliwell appeared at the NRJ Music Awards in France about a month before Lopez. But Lopez turned it to himself and changed the game on the red carpet because the plunge was replicated for years.

The word is clothing picture was downloaded at such a fanatical pace, Google decided to create its search google image feature.

Toni Braxton is on the goddess white
How does a singer’s stunger follow the goth artist on the Grammy red carpet? In 2001, Braxton wore a white silk shirt – Richard Tyler Cheap Long Gown Dress pulled a J.Lo, not a white dress.

She wore a Cheap Long Gown Dress without any side, wearing hip went clothes, holding a piece of fabric decorated with crystal, the front and back together. However, no one behind or almost no front line.

Cheap Long Gown Dress

Halter exposed navel. She uses a rare pair of double-sided tape to maintain the highest status. The next day she talked about the cold water, especially on this issue: a belt involved.

Lady Gaga is a good witch
At the 52nd Grammy Awards 2010, Gaga went to Jetsons, hitting a red carpet with glittering futuristic dresses by Armani Prive with metal hoops hanging on it. She held a huge photo of a starfish. Her wig is a bright yellow ombre that appears to be attached to the top of a corset-style garment. Gaga for those who like her kind of high platform shoes.

Skirt skirt short in the front short, rigidly opened in the back of a shaved ice length, forming an oval shape, well with all the hoops. That night, she won an amazing pose when she won the best dance recordings and best electronic dance album two awards.

Nicki Minaj and Pope
In 2012, singer rapper wearing a red Versace cloak, wearing a blond hair, walking on the red carpet. She is dressed as a pope, hat and so on. There are ruffles under her high-necked, beaded black decorations and matching satin wrist gloves, lent the air, what? Nun’s habit is mentioned.

A few days later, Minaj explained her mood that night, and finally performed as a priest, an exorcism and a suspended show. She said it was part of a movie she wrote. Ok.

Pharrell really tall hat
Do you know who should receive the Grammy Awards in 2014? Vivienne Westwood Canadian Mountie Hat on Pharrell’s head, who is it.

He put the hat and shorts together, is the Internet topic. Fast-food chain Arby even wrote on his Twitter: “Hey @Pharrell, can we get back our hat? #GRAMMYs” because it’s very similar to its logo.

Pharrell eventually sold hats on eBay for $ 44,100, from one hand to another, and his philanthropy helped children learn through technology and the arts.

Buyer? Abi’s.

Rihanna candy
This is super huge. This is bubble gum pink. This is the beautiful 2015 tulle strapless Grammy dress.

Giambattista Valli’s two-tier skirt is called “The Cupcake.” There is a girl innocent, not the edge of her usual bad girl. Critics have some fun, such as a cake dress and a tribute to Goddess Greta Linda.

It is said that Rihanna found the dress online during the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Beyonce, the real queen

February 2017. Beyonce looks forward to her twins. She performed gold, crown and neckline at Grammy.

Look carefully at the body hugging clothes, you will see a portrait of an embroidered Queen Beckham himself in the center of the navel flapping.

Peter Dundas designed the dress and other people that night. This is his first name after working for the Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci brands.

Dundas told Vogue it took a week to embroider 50 people. Gustav Klimt and Erte are inspired by the theme of decorative arts. He said Beyoncé’s lyrics of “Love Drought” also play a role in story-driven design. Sun rays symbolize the African goddess Oshun. Dundas added two little angels on the buttocks wearing ivy.

Bey won the Grammy for “Lemonade” tonight, praising the beauty of black beauty in her speech.

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