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If you are engaged, congratulations! Next is the clothing shopping, we found that the best time to buy wedding. Yes, that’s right, there is a specific time of the year, time and the designer’s choice is right for every bride – and it’s the entire month of January.

This not only brought the new year and the resolution (which may or may not be retained), but also the proposed time of the peak and the holiday in January, which means that it welcomes a large number of new unmarried women. And, the bridal market has noticed the prime time of wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress making the first month of the year. No matter if you suddenly had this problem with your fiancĂ© yesterday or four months ago, we all have the bride expert to weigh up why so many brides spend “The One” in January.

1.For the bride in the summer, this is a crucial moment

Shareen Mitchell, owner of Shareen Bridal, said January is not only the best time to get married in summer, but also a crucial moment. “If you get married in June, July or August, you need to make a lot of decisions in January.” If you ordered your Cheap Long Gown Dress in January, then give you four months to come Choose your dress and shoes, you also need to see a tailor every month, from the time axis point of view, it is becoming the most important month.

According to Mitchell, most independent bridal retailers need about 5-6 months to make and change dresses. So, so many brides still choose summer weddings, January means that it is time to do business in apparel shopping. However, more and more brides seem to be preferring spring, autumn or even winter weddings. Mitchell added: “January is the right time to start looking if you get married in the fall, but Mitchell estimates that it takes 6-9 months for business gowns to make and deliver gowns.” If you go from one Retailers shopping there without providing change, you also need to spend extra time before the wedding to find a usable seamstress, because many people quickly book.

2.New stock

The first month of this year also requires a new wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress purchase. Some collections of the Bridal Fashion Week in January will arrive in stores in January, with many beauty salons ending the year with the removal of any old models last year, so January is a good time for Gabriella Risatti Say.

3. Holidays and participation in the season

January is also the best time to buy a wedding Cheap Long Gown Dress because it is the engagement season after the holidays. Risatti said: “We saw a lot of brides in January, some of them related to wedding dates and others related to holiday activities.” Thanksgiving began with the participation of the season, so all the women who took part in November and December finally completed The holiday obligations, and are ready to start planning a wedding. ”

And since January is usually a rather bland month, there is no better way to beat the blues of the winter than trying on gorgeous wedding dresses. “It’s perfect day to day with your closest friends and / or parents,” Risatti said. “Plus, most people do not have too many travel plans in January, meaning they are ready and The bride wears clothes together.

However, if you go shopping in January, Risatti recommends that you prepare for the winter weather. Unpredictable ice and snow may cause flights to be canceled, public transport is shut down, and even some bridal shops are closed early. “There has always been a plan B, just in case,” Lisatti said. “It could mean booking an extra day or weekend dress shopping just in case you can not get the date due to the weather, and if you add a few pounds during the holidays do not be intimidated.” Some women want to wait until They go shopping when they are healthy, but we do not want to wait, as doing so will eventually bring you more stress and even long-term money. ”

4. Sample sales season

Most bridal retailers hold sample sales twice a year in major cities, usually in summer and early winter. The bridal salon is trying to clean up the old stock to pave the way for new stores, researching retailers to find out their specific sample sales dates, and confirming the need to schedule appointments in advance. You can get up to 90% of the dresses, but choose last year’s sample clothes (No. 8-12 wedding dress), the final sale, no sales staff, may not have the fitting room.

Risatti said: “For the sale of the sample, my advice is to buy the dress regularly to get what kind of dress the bride wants, including which silhouettes are best for her.” “And then when she went for a sample sale she Can be very focused and criticized for her shopping, and the bride is not important for the gown to settle because of the discount, and they may not be completely satisfied at the end of the day unless they really bought their favorite gown. “She also suggested Together or with another shopping partner, because sample sales tend to be incredibly overcrowded.

5.New Year, new clothes

Mitchell also believes that the New Year can help brides to high-end clothing shopping to the climax. She said: “Many girls face the new year.” Or, they know they have six months to attend the wedding, or they just got engaged. “She added:” In January, the newly-married bride begins to look. “

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