He made a U-TURN Lewis Hamilton bought a new dress for his nephew at Disneyland because he was forced to apologize shamelessly on the Instagram video, “The boy does not wear a skirt”

Long Gown Dress

Lewis Hamilton put his nephew in a new dress while on a trip to Disneyland, where he was ashamed of wearing a dress on Instagram.

The F1 driver was shot last year and was forced to apologize after posting the video, seeing that he told young Kaiden, “The boy does not wear a skirt.”

On weekends, he saw him walking in a princess dress with his niece and nephew in the main street of the theme park.

Lewis and the young man stopped at the Bippity Boppity boutique, picking up their proudly imitating the day’s dress. Choose long-haired princess famous costume, and his niece chooses a Snow White.

Long Gown Dress

Lewis, 33, also dislikes dressing up, choosing to wear tracksuits and T-shirts and show off new hairstyles.

During Christmas, Lewis made headlines when filming movies in purple and pink Long Gown Dress and dresses.

He told his Instagram follower “Now I’m sad” and then put a camera on his young nephew.

Lewis asked him: “Why did you wear a princess dress? Is this a present for Christmas? Why do you ask for a princess Long Gown Dress for Christmas, a boy does not wear a princess dress!”

He later removed the video from the public outcry and publicly apologized for admitting that it was “a misjudgment.”

Long Gown Dress

“Yesterday I played with my nephew and realized that my words were inappropriate, so I deleted this post,” he explained.

“I mean no harm, does not mean offended anyone, I love my nephew can freely express themselves.

“I apologize for my actions because I realized that no one can accept anyone, no one is marginalized or stereotyped wherever you are from.

“I’ve always supported anyone who lives in their lives, and they want me to be forgiven in this judgment.”

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