She wore an anti-abortion dress for Grameen, but who is happy house?

Cheap Long Gown Dress

On Sunday night, singer Jack Joy Villa turned away and showed Grammys a Cheap Long Gown Dress with anti-abortion messages.

This year there is no Grammy nominated singer, wearing a white Cheap Long Gown Dress, next to the rainbow-colored fetal picture engraved with the “choose life” message. In an interview with Fox News, Vera explains the idea behind her choice: “I am a biological woman and this year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet, as usual.” I am entirely about life. “She added that this The clothes are inspired by her own choosing to adopt a baby at the age of 21, and she believes women should choose abortion.

Anti-abortion clothing is not her first political statement on the red carpet. At last year’s Grammy Awards, she wore a red, white and blue Cheap Long Gown Dress, decorated with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Americanization again.” In December last year, Villa accused Trump of former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of improper contact at the festival party. However, in an interview with Fox News, Vera emphasized that she was still a Trump fan: “I like what he is doing and the unemployment rate is declining. I am completely President Trump, only a year. I can not wait Next seven years! ”

This respect seems to be reciprocal; she received the president’s approval when Vera announced she was considering running for political office in October and wrote on Twitter: “Good luck to everyone because she decides to enter the wonderful politics She has a lot of fans!

The villa is not the only one to make a statement with the appearance of a red carpet; after a group of actresses wearing black Cheap Long Gown Dress to the Golden Globe as a sign of the #MeToo campaign in support of ongoing oppositional abuse and harassment Celebrities presented a white rose to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, expressing similar messages.

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