For this season there are many options in terms of fashion, strapless and cut-out tops are everywhere, from high fashion to fast fashion, in all the social networks that exist and now they need to be in our closets to show off what they are the best possible this spring/summer. Depending on your current style you will be able to add some of these new trends to your wardrobe, you do not have to have everything that depends on your lifestyle and where you could use it.

Starting with the simplest, tanks are a classic that you can wear with any other basic garment in your closet, they can be jeans, shorts, or skirts, it is a very versatile garment that is a favorite in the summer because it is very light and easy to wear. use, you can have them in all the colors and designs you want, they can be neutral or more striking colors, it’s all up to you.

One of the favorites that have come back to stay is the corset, but it is a much more refined style than before, this favorite always comes back because I think that no one can ignore that it makes you look very romantic and that you can wear it on casual occasions as well as to go to an event or a party with friends, our favorites are those made of silk and that gives your skin an extra shine.

But if you are not one to show a lot of skin in the summer, the cutout blouses are perfect for you, it is a simpler way of dressing but showing the parts you want, this design has the style of a dress shirt but with details that they make it less casual and add a different touch so you can wear it with jeans or with dresses underneath, the options are many but in my opinion, they go perfect with jeans and high sandals.

Crop tops are obviously our next choice, and I think it doesn’t need an explanation, but even so, we are going to talk about this garment that hasn’t abandoned us in many years and that you will always be able to find in your favorite stores, I think that all the brands Currently they have even a crop top design for spring/summer, although it shows a lot of skin it has become a staple for many women when it comes to going out, it is easy to wear and you can have it in all variations of colors and designs.

The most basic but not least, the t-shirts are a relaxed must-have, if your style is very casual, you already know that you can have hundreds of t-shirts like these to go out and you can even make it less casual with something more stylized like a skirt. and sandals, the t-shirt can be seen as you want and you can wear it wherever you want if you know how to mix the clothes in your wardrobe, obviously, our favorite way to wear it is with shorts and sneakers, a very casual and light outfit but with accessories correct you can make it look super elegant, everything is possible with this shirt.

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