6 Elegant Necklaces for Women

Jewelry makes any outfit more beautiful

Do you like to wear jewelry? My mother passed on her love of jewelry to me. She still adores good jewelry and valuable pieces. I change and put nakih with every outfit, I can’t do without it. I’m just amazed when someone doesn’t wear jewelry, and they don’t have that habit. I think that even the most ordinary combination of pants and a T-shirt, with good, striking jewelry, can look much different and more powerful.

As for the choice between Gold and Silver, I mostly choose Gold because it goes better with you, but I will try to emphasize the beauty of both. Although some old rule was not to mix, today’s fashion and trends have brought us just mixing and combining gold and silver.

6 Elegant Necklaces for Women

When it comes to elegant jewelry, that’s my style for sure. What makes a lady, And emphasizes her character and tenderness.

  1. I would always point it out as an unsurpassed piece of chain with a heart pendant. Usually, people often give things like this, because everything that contains a heart in me carries a nice message. This is a piece that goes with absolutely everything, and if you don’t like to change your jewelry often, this is the right choice for you. In terms of size, I like it less, because this piece should always be discreet.
  • The next piece I would highlight is the multi-layered necklaces. Whether it’s two or three rows, it looks great with any combination. A table with a relaxed one, a table with an elegant one. There is no mistake with this choice.
  • Another piece worth our attention is the pearl chains. Pearls are always a symbol of elegance. A timeless piece, something that all our moms and grandmas have in their collections. When I see a real lady, I know I can expect her to own such a piece. You can choose only a pearl pendant, and the whole necklace can be strung with pearls. They go so well with a black tight evening gown. Bull’s eye. Never have a dilemma about that.
  • Everything I have stated so far has been discreet. Sometimes when the outfit is one-color and not so prominent, you should put on a slightly more effective necklace. I mean a slightly larger piece, which will attract attention. It can be made up of circles, intertwined, to look lavish and rich.
  • Otherwise, never, but you will never go wrong with a discreet necklace where there is a small zircon pendant. Usually, zircons work in such a way that the whole person shines and radiates. Maybe it’s some subconscious impression of mine. Such women have always been synonymous with tenderness and femininity. Do we share opinions?
  • A tree of life pendant on a gold or silver chain is an absolute hit. Something that often draws people’s attention, and that they gladly bow to. I see a lot of young girls wearing it lately. I still don’t have it, but maybe I’ll get one.

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