Must-Buy Basic Makeup Series For Beginners

If you want to start building your makeup collection with the latest in the industry, you have to pay close attention to what I’m going to show you. Makeup is like fashion, it is changing, it is always adding new trends in color, the application, in materials, in each decade there is always a new makeup trend, new techniques, and new ways of using old products with new ones, but It does not mean that you have to change your makeup every three months, no, the idea here is to get to know what works best for your skin, your tone, your features such as your mouth, eyes, cheekbones, all of that you have to study it very well when creating your collection.

First, you have to start with skincare, believe it or not, the health of your skin can help a lot to make your makeup look perfect, you have to have a good cleanser, a serum that helps with texture, and a moisturizer that helps you seal pores so your makeup lasts longer. And here we start with a primer that prepares the skin after skincare to continue with the base.

The base is the canvas of everything, here you are going to start and then gradually add the other colors, you have to choose a base obviously of your same tone and that suits your needs, if you want it glowy or matte, if not you want a base you can use a CC cream but you always have to even out the tones on your face. My favorite is Giorgio Armani but Maybelline and Revlon have great options too.

After this you can add the contour like the bronzer and the concealer under the eyes to correct anything you don’t like or just add lighting, my favorite is the one from Rare beauty by Selena Gomez, it’s light and you can use it super easy. Here we come to the part of the eyes and the eyebrows, you can be very creative or subtle, it all depends on the context of where you are going to go but if you are a fan of color this palette is perfect for that, it is simple but the basic colors you have them here.

The mascara is just as important because it makes you look more awake and gives that extra touch so that your eyes attract much more attention, the eyebrows are the focal point that we all must fill in and make them look as natural as possible because here the skin and eyes are the centers of attention. To finish the blush and the lips, here you can combine the colors so that it is cohesive with the eyes or you can choose the shade that best suits you and the one that you like the most.

To finish, the illuminator highlights those parts of the face that have a natural shine but that we cover with the base, which is the area of ​​​​the cheeks, the nose, and the corner of the eye, very important points when it comes to finishing a make-up.

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