Chic Sandals List for Women to Buy in This Summer

Let’s get to the business, shall we: sandals are pretty cute but have not been the most supportive as your everyday boots and sneakers bring to the table. Despite that, sandals have become one of the most sought footwear this summer because of how comfortable your feet are, especially in warm and humid weather.

It is why many women prefer to wear sandals outside this summer rather than wearing boots and sneakers around. It is very versatile that you can wear it even inside or outside your home. Nonetheless, some designs offer relevant features that do helps in making you more comfortable in a more extended period of use.

Here are some of the latest and trendy chic sandals that are in-trend this summer season that you should look out for!

1. Black Floral Sandals

If you’re aiming to have a comfortable feeling for your feet while walking around all day long, then these floral applique thong sandals are what you should have. It has a soft padded sole that is perfect for your feet with an excellent floral design in black that you can pair with any dress or skirt you have in your closet. In addition, it is 100% polyurethane which makes these sandals more durable and comfortable!

2. Caged Suede Sandals

Add a pair of these cute faux suede caged sandals as part of your summer accessories to keep your feet look pretty and chic with your bodycon dress. It features a caged design, open toe, and a polished O-ring buckle that makes it a bit sophisticated. The pink color makes it more adorable this summer as it makes you look fresh in the sun!

3. Leather Slide Sandals

These macaw slide sandals from Beek must be a part or not should be on your list of sandals to have this summer season. It is made of leather with a rubber sole that makes it comfortable as you put your feet in it. Also, with slip-on design makes it easy to wear and take it off. In this humid season, we wanted to take off our clothes and accessories as much as we can after coming home for a quick fresh bath, right.

4. Sandals With A Metallic Heel

It would help if you considered sandals that can match and pair your formal and office attire. Most of the sandals are suitable for outside and outdoor events, but sandals with heels make them different from the common ones we see. For example, this leather sandal has a metallic heel that can make you walk comfortably!

5. Transparent Strap Sandals

What makes these sandals perfect for summer is their unique and fresh design from their sole, heel, and straps. The transparent upper straps will hold your feet in their place for long hours and pair with your formal, semi-formal, and summer dresses!

There are lots of summer sandals that you can choose from aside from the list that we have for you! Yet, these sandals are probably in-trend right now that you’ll see all over the place this summer. So getting any of this is sure a winning investment for you.

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