How to Match Cheap Wholesale Clothing?

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Do you often find yourself inside the category of cheap wholesale clothing and do not know what to choose and how to match the many items that you find at a low cost? The simplest thing to do is to rely on colors and take home the perfect match, the one that can make your outfit look very expensive. So here is a guide with the main guidelines to follow, color by color!


White is the easiest color to match, as it goes well with everything. It can be combined with pastel or neutral shades, but also with warm colors like red! In the case of white, it must be borne in mind that this color tends to accentuate the shapes. If you want to avoid this, you must not dress those parts of you that you like least in white and avoid clothes that are too tight.


Excluding dark brown and midnight blue, this color goes well with all colors and garments! Black is very elegant if paired with a white shirt, for a black and white look. Pastel colors go great with black, but for an even more glamorous combination, it is preferable to choose bright colors such as yellow and fuchsia!


It is one of the most difficult colors when you think about how to wear it. In addition to black and white, you should never combine colors that are close to each other, but the opposite ones. Well, yellow is perfect with purple! In this case, the shade of yellow must also be evaluated: a warm yellow would go very well with all the earth tones, so brown, orange, green, and burgundy; a cold yellow could be combined with pastel and light grey!


Red is a strong and decisive color that goes very well with dark colors, with white and black. In theory, red should never be combined with purple, blue, yellow, and orange. It looks great with navy blue and blue jeans. Burgundy red goes great with purple. A super chic combo is red and blushes pink while red and fuchsia are super trendy!


Green depends a lot on the shades we are going to choose. Light and bright shades such as emerald green can be combined with blue and yellow if you want to surprise, or with aubergine purple and beige if you want to maintain a certain elegance! Darker shades go great with beige, blush pink, brown, white, and black! Green should be avoided with red unless you are in the Christmas season!


Electric blue is perfect with both green and yellow. If you don’t like too bright looks, you can combine electric blue with black or grey. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more autumnal version, dark blue is perfect with burgundy, burgundy, rust orange, and brown!


The pastel pink version goes well with white, grey, beige, and brown! Pink and fuchsia go well with black and red as we said before: the sweater you saw in the wholesale sweaters can be when paired with a beautiful red skirt!


During the winter it is placed in the forbidden section by most women, but in spring and summer, it is perfect when combined with yellow and electric blue. In autumn, however, it is preferable to choose a warmer shade, to combine with cream, cream, brown and purple!


Warm and typically autumnal, brown goes well with burgundy, olive green, forest green, purple and yellow. For a more feminine and refined look, brown can be combined with colors such as white, cream, cream, light grey, and pink, both powder and salmon! Be careful to combine brown with black, some shades like leather go well while others don’t!

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