What Sweater to Wear With a Maxi dress

Flowy maxi dresses always seem to be in style which I guess is why they are a constant in many women’s wardrobes. The beauty about these floor Grazing attire is that they are suitable for both cold and warm weather so they stay in style all year long. However, on those cold days, you want to stay warm without having to spoil the fashion of your maxi dress. Question is how you would do that especially if you want to put on a sweater. But since there are many sweaters out there, you might be wondering how to choose the best sweater for your maxi dress.

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  1. Style and shape of the dress

The style and shape of your dress will have a huge influence on the kind of sweater you should wear. For example, a tight fitting maxi dress can go with almost any kind of sweater, while a loosely fitting one would not do with a big dress sweater. Choose a sweater that will not only complement your dress, but also enhance the shape of your body.

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  1. Colour and print

This is yet another important thing to consider when choosing a sweater for your maxi dress. Choose a sweater that will not hide the design or patterns of your maxi dress but rather which will complement them. For example, if your dress is patterned, it is best you wear a sweater that is a little plain. On the other hand, with a plain dress, you can choose any patterned sweater to keep you warm. Consider the colour combination of the two and remember that you want to keep your dress the point of focus so the sweater should not pull attention away from it.

Remember that when shopping for sweaters, you need to have your closet in mind. Know what you have already to better understand what you need.

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