What Shapewear to Wear Under Wedding Dress

Every woman dreams of having the perfect wedding and a lot of time is taken in planning for this special day. From the perfect wedding dress to the flowers, everything in its right place and no cost of spared. One thing that some miss is what to wear under that wedding dress. You do not want to spoil your entire look by wearing the wrong undergarments.

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Depending on the kind of dress you intend to wear, you should get appropriate shapewear. For example, if you go with today’s trend of strapless bridal gowns, you would need to get a shaper that is strapless as well. For such a shaper, be sure to get one with a bra that fits your cups. It is quite a scene for the bride to have to keep pulling her dress up because her bra is falling. Avoid the embarrassment all together and get the right fitting shapewear.

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For your wedding dress, you also want to get a shapewear that gives you the perfect waistline. You want your groom to hold a firm waist while you are dancing as opposed to him touching your belly fat. Get a shapewear that will slim your waist down, while still enhancing your hip and bum areas.

Comfort is key to any wedding day. You will be on your feet most of the time talking and dancing so you want to be as comfortable as possible. Pick a shapewear that is comfortable and not all too tight.


If you have selected a dress that is higging, you will want to get a shape wear where all the hems and lines cannot easily be seen. What is inside your wedding dress should be your little secret, perhaps only shared with your groom.


Choose a shaperwear slip that is sexy because it might as well be your wedding night opener. With the right shapewear, you will not have to go shopping for wedding laungerie.


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