The predicament of winter wedding: what to wear, where to buy


Help! I was invited to attend my first winter wedding. I often wear beautiful and gorgeous clothes to do these things. I don’t know what to wear in the cold. In addition, I like to find colorful things, so I don’t have to worry about buying shoes, bags and hats. How to do?

Dictator rule: Better. Because floral fabrics wither and die with real plants, aren’t they? Oh. Wait. they do not. Don’t be so stupid, find yourself a winter floral dress.

Let’s focus on long-sleeved dresses, even if you might be warm indoors because of heating, alcoholism, and wedding excitement/social anxiety, you want your sleeveless. Sadly, you no longer need to pay attention to the proper hem length, you can wear mini dresses and tights, but please explore the joy and charm of the wide dress. This is the right approach.

Needle and thread are a simple first choice, designing such a bride, you may be mistaken for a member of the bride party. Take the risk in one of the elegant tulle gowns (HK $ 4,200; Lane Crawford). Do you know the Paris brand Ba&sh? you should. Each season, it launches fantastic floral dresses, including long-sleeved Joie, gold-spotted floral prints (HK $ 5,880; Causeway Bay Times Square; or free shipping).

The London brand Paisie should also be on your list. It has beautiful floral, yellow or navy blue wrap dresses (HK $ 1,075; At the high end, you’ll find gorgeous models of Erdem, Etro, Dolce & Gabbana and Leonard. But you don’t sound like that customer.

Finally, you can face the stockings again in a year! However, I would like to remind you now how annoying it is when you walk around your shoes. Do you have any good hacks?

Dictator: What is this, the 19th century? Ok, I have news for you. You don’t need to wear socks at all. If you don’t know, women have been liberated for a long time from the tyranny of corsets and even bras. (Although we encourage you to use these breasts anyway. They look better.) Some women like the shaping or warming effect of stockings and tights, so who do we want to judge?

You can continue to wear your favorite “You are joking” meat-tone stockings brand by inserting a foot pad into the shoe. Those specially built are sold by the smart Foot Petals. Try it’s slippery (HK $ 75 to HK $ 245; Harvey Nichols). Or you can do it like a royal family and put on a stocking with a non-slip handle on the sole. Google “Kate Middleton Stockings”, you will know that she is wearing John Lewis’s Barely There Non-Slip Tights (HK $ 50). They are made of nude, natural tan or black seven denier with a special handle on the sole. Calzedonia has 15 denier nude or black non-slip leggings with a clear gel point (HK$169) at the foot.

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