Long Gown Dress Apielil Smith’s Danny Booc: That better than the bully girl

SHE was a shy and timid girl walking through Escario Street in 2007 to fulfill her housework.

Ten years later, Apriel Smith was the champion of the chief Binibine Cebu, the first of all she won the 53 women in the city of Cebu.

On Saturday, Smith was wearing a robe in a large group of women, wearing a robe, a robe composed of sequins by Coaryurier Cary Santiago.

She is a luxurious beautiful vision: polished, combined, and sure her victory. Obviously, the 22-year-old model had been bullied and criticized for her gloomy skin color and curly hair.


Ozar Model Managing Director of the Philippines Danny Booc is Smith’s fairy godmother, who saw her potential in 2007 when she bought a barbecue from the sidewalk supplier. “I used to (Long Gown Dress) shop in Escario.

Her family lives in Escario, about one block away. We are almost neighbors, “Booc recalled, Booc has been in the business for 17 years of the top agents, but he has been in the fashion industry for three decades.

The blog approached Smith and asked if she wanted to be a model. Smith, then 12 years old, has been standing 5 feet 7 inches, said he was interested in becoming one. “I see her not confident, not sure myself.

But I told her to come to the store, with a pair of heels, “he said. Smith with a pair of worn high heels, Danny patiently cultivated an ambitious model, and her into her now amazing Beauty queen.


The next 10 years, undergraduate graduates won the 2011 Miss Dumanjug, 2012 Cebu City Olympic Games, 2012 Queen of Singapore Queen and Miss Badian in 2015 and a few pieces of beauty makeup.

According to Booc, she was also the runner of several other events dominated by mestizas.

Smith was third in Miss Mandaue in 2013 and ranked first in Reyna ng Aliwan in 2011.

In 2016, she waved the waters across Binibining Pilipinas nationwide and boarded the top 15. She and Maria Gigante, as in the top 15 did not get a place.

Two queen queen “meet again”, respectively, on behalf of Patong and Bantayan Bin Bin Binhai Hotel. When Smith won the championship, Gigante finished second in third place and returned home with Binibining Cebu.

Although she did not enter Binibining Pilipinas in the final round, but Smith caught Jonas Gaffud (Jonas Gaffud) high-profile Aces and Queens beauty camp picky attention. Australia and Queen are the same beauty training camp, training “Miss World” 2015 Pia Witzzbach and former world Miss season runner Tannon Tumon, Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj.


Two days before the coronation night, Bock said Smith was very quiet. He attributed this to the pressure she was piling up. Booc visited the church, mobilized the prayer fighter, for Smith’s successful performance and introduced.

At the coronation night he approached Smith and told her: “Jesus gave you an extra special gift in your birthday.”

Facts have proved that this gift is Binibining Cebu 2017 champion, she was declared as the winner, after a few minutes in midnight on the head. This happens to be her 22th birthday.

“It was a great victory for us because we worked for this.” Apriel had a diet, prepared and trained himself in the best form, and we had a few brainstorming sessions with the help of Manila’s team. Said, we discussed the shape, make-up, image. Booc admires Smith’s humility and loyalty.

“Cary Santiago told me how Apriel was gated and landed.There were so many camps that wanted her to leave me, but she was still loyal to her.” Booc said she had been with me for 10 years, I saw her grow and transition.

In consultation with the Queen’s team and the Queen’s team, Bock said Smith would finish her rule as Cebu Cebu until a new queen was crowned in 2018. She is expected to re-create a Binibining Pilipinas in 2019 or 2020.

“We are examining the candidate’s trends and qualities.” Bori said Apriel himself said it needed to grow more to compete for Binibining Pilipinas.

Now, Booc is a proud 12-year-old girl’s proud mentor, her head bowed, opened the shop door.

Today, the girl proudly raised his head, confidently face the world armed, the courage to fight from the long-term brawl and self-doubt to win the woman.

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