Pixie Lott proves her quirky style by virtue of the fascinating arrival of the British Pride Award, in the Scottish net gauze and gem scarf

She is known for her chic and weird style, and she is shown on the red carpet.

On Monday night, Pixie Lott proved her fashion temperament again because she was shining at the British Pride Award in 2017.

The 26-year-old pop star slides her famous slender frame into a nude color mesh Long Gown Dress suppliers, decorated with colorful flowers when she is placed next to her fiancee Oliver Cheshire in London’s Grosvenor House.

Blonde beauty in the nude dress to show off her beauty to stop the figure, which makes her nude frame below the smile unpredictable.

Dipped in V-neck, cleverly ridiculed her split, clothes tightly close to her skirt to the floor.

Wearing the whole bras, wearing chiffon lines, still wearing soft colored flowers, wearing a more beautiful touch.

Elf almost no metal heels and a stylish leather handbag, on a shoulder.

However, let the singer make the singer further equipped with a charming school-style headband and a large piece of gold pendant, she was driving the fiancee Oliver next to the camera.

After becoming in November 2016, the pair is more like the camera than ever before.

However, Pippi recently on ITV Lorraine frankly said that the pair has been working together for seven years, not eager to walk through the channel.

Adhere to just enjoy the new stage of the relationship, she said: “We will be at a certain time to get a satisfactory result.We do not want to rush.

“When we got together, I was 19 years old and he was my first serious boyfriend and we continued to be strong.

Male model Oliver, 29 years old, in November on the knees of St. Paul’s Cathedral bent down, after his love elves came back from Los Angeles for a long time.

At the BBC Music Contest in December, MailOnline addressed MailOnline, and the singer has admitted that they are not eager to plan the wedding, but want to be involved first.

She admits: “next year to super busy new music and other things, I do not want to rush because I hope it is absolutely perfect.

Although she did add that she did not want to wait too long to get married to her handsome man, he said: If I had no time to do it, it would definitely be before 2018.

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