Another day, another dress! Meghan chose a New Zealand designer to dress her 24th trip – after a slight nod to Prince Charles in a very practical raincoat from Cornwall

long gown dress

The Dukes and Duchess of Sussex are in the final days of their epic Australian tour – and Megan’s seemingly endless wardrobe is still very strong.

In the recurring theme of this trip, Megan paid a 560-pound white tuxedo dress to the actors in Wellington, New Zealand, to pay tribute to her host country, which is the work of the kiwi designer. Maggie Marilyn

The brand claims to “consider the ethical and environmental impact of contemporary fashion” and thus coincides with some of the problems of the Duchess.

Earlier, she nodded to her father-in-law and conducted a more casual outing to Abel Tasman National Park to protect herself from the drizzle of practical raincoats from Seasalt in Charles and Camilla, County of Cornwall.

Prior to this, she wore a pair of Outland black jeans, traveled several times during the tour, Australian brand Jac and Jack jumpers, Club Monaco trenches and a pair of laced Stuart Weitzman boots.

The Duke and the Duchess spent a busy day in the New Zealand capital. Starting from the Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay, hundreds of fans lined up on the street, hoping to see a glimpse of the royal couple.

Meghan was mainly wearing a designer brand on the tour, choosing the premium street brand Club Monaco for £232 ($420/$297) waterfall ditch, by Jac and Jack, £545 for Stuart Weitzman Veruka boots and her pound, warm Black polo collar. 109 (AUD199 / $ 141) Outland Denim black jeans.

The couple, the first child, will expire next spring, chatting with young people at the Maranui Surf Life Saving Club Cafe to learn about the various mental health programs being carried out in the area and their positive impact on young people.

The couple then visited Abel Tasman National Park, and Meghan abandoned her high-heeled boots and chose a pair of Stella McCartney x Stan Smith trainers.

They should have been to the beach barbecue, but the rain forced the change plan. Harry and Megan were not intimidated, they were wearing wet weather equipment – in the case of the Duchess, a practical raincoat from the Cornish brand Seasalt – strolling together in the park.

The third and final piece of Meghan’s day was Maggie Marilyn’s short white tuxedo, wearing a black jacket dress that echoed Hamilton’s Hamilton charity show at the end of the summer.

She paired the New Zealand designer’s £520 ($939/$666) dress with black high heels and Winser x Gillian Anderson’s jacket. She attended the Invictus Games Closing Ceremony in Sydney and visited Courtenay Creative with Harry.

Harry and Megan met with colorful costume actors at Courtenay Creative, a program for young people interested in the film industry.

Catherine Deneuve auctions YSL Haute Couture

Catherine Deneuve is filming her collection of haute couture, many of which are disposables made by Yves Saint Laurent.

The French actor has been a mute goddess for many years as a haute couture designer. When she celebrated her 40th anniversary in 2002, she told Saint Laurent: “My best love is with you.”

Three hundred will be listed next year, half will be auctioned at Christie’s; half will be auctioned on the Internet.

Denaf, 75, said she no longer has a collection of space when she sold her property in Normandy. “They are the creation of such a talented man, her creation is just to make women more beautiful,” she said.

The actor is 22 years old and married British photographer David Bailey when he first met Saint Laurent. She should have met the Queen and asked French designers to make evening dresses for this occasion. Deneuve arrived at his Paris studio with a photo of a Russian model wearing a gown.

“He agreed to do this for me… it was very Slavic, pure and strict.” After that, she proposed to design her costume for the film Belle de Jour. Saint Laurent has been dressed for Deneuve for 40 years. He died in 2008.

“In the whole process, Yves Saint Laurent’s perforation is serious, and the shame and elegance of his life, these are all the years we spent together,” Denaf said. “I am only 20 years old, so it is an honor to be able to get all these rich luxury items to cultivate my eyes and my taste.”

François deRicqlès, president of Christie’s France, told AFP that the auction brought together one of the most famous actors in France and one of the most outstanding designers in France.

The collection includes jackets, suits, dresses and accessories, many of which are disposable. One of the most coveted is the 1966 Spring/Summer collection of pearl dresses, which cost 5,000 euros (£4,440) when Deneuve encounters Alfred Hitchcock.

The lot will be on display at Christie’s in Paris from January 19th to 24th.

Thirsty work! Jennifer Hawkins showed off her super bodybuilding collection when she launched the new series of fruit-flavored waters from Mount Franklin.

long gown dress

She may play the role of Ambassador Meyer in August, but Jennifer Hawkins does not lack the opportunity to support her.

The 34-year-old former Miss Universe has returned to the spotlight to promote Franklin’s new range of fruit-flavored waters in the brand’s vibrant new editorial event.

In the picture, I saw a long-legged blonde posing in a flower, Carmen Miranda-style outfit, while holding a bottle of sugar-free drink in one hand.

A photo shows Jennifer posing with a gorgeous yellow flower, wearing a silk flower dress, revealing a generous torso.

In another shot, the Queen of the Runway showed off her soft legs and trimmed waist with green and pink floral jumpsuits and fluffy sleeves.

Another eye-catching photo shows Jennifer shaping a purple and pink dress with bold floral prints.

“I have been working with them for many years, just like them as a brand. “I love them, they are very iconic in Australia,” Jennifer told Daily Mail Australia about her partnership with Franklin Hill.

“When I first contacted them, it was obviously because I drank this product. Then over time, I just liked them to be such an innovative product and company.

Jennifer also revealed that water is a drink she often indulges.

“I drank a lot! I drink two liters a day. So I go through the bottle. You know, you can only drink so much of Franklin’s light, so I am happy to have a choice and taste. Pineapple and mint are my favorites.

The photos were taken last Wednesday at the official product line of Franklin Hill in Sydney.

During the meeting, guests will have the opportunity to see the iconic stars in the flesh and enjoy a guided relaxation session by the pool.

When Jennifer spoke about the brand in a public statement, “Hydration is very important, especially during the busy summer before Christmas, I need to stay alive and productive throughout the day.”

The senior model also revealed in the statement that she turned to Franklin’s new drink to counter her “afternoon energy decline.”

She said, like many people I know, when I often want to get sweets, I will struggle in the afternoon energy decline.

“A better way to rest is to use a delicious moisturizing drink, such as the delicious Franklin Springs, with a hint of natural fruit and no sugar, they are a great treat you feel at the same time,” she continued.

The new drink from Franklin Mountain has three mouth-watering fruit flavors – pineapple and mint, lemon and lime and strawberry.

Irish Baldwin reveals her rich assets in floral mini dresses because she likes the festive play on pumpkins

long gown dress

She created a fledgling model for herself.

Ireland’s Baldwin revealed her cover girl beauty on Thursday’s Instagram snapshot series, thus proving her title.

When she was in Los Angeles for a local pumpkin piece, the 22-year-old blockbuster caught her attention on a sly flower dress.

The daunting blonde showed her rich cleavage, as the number of hem shows a plunge neckline.

When the haute couture dress was worn high on her tones and tanned thighs, her gorgeous gis was pushed to the center of the stage.

She wrapped her signature blonde on a loose bun and made her young face shine.

Last year, Ireland dated with surfers Noah Schweizer.

Prior to this, the birthday girl dated rapper Angel Haze from 2014 to 2015.

The tattoo girl came to Instagram on Tuesday to share photos with friends who were filmed by Bones Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles.

In addition to the pink dress, the 6-foot-2 stunner is also wearing a plastic crown with the words “Happy Birthday”.

This on-demand model has been featured on the covers of Elle Bulgaria, L’Officiel Ukraine and MarieClaire México, and has published editorials on W, Vogue Italia and Vogue Taiwan.

She got a coveted Guess Girl job in 2017 and joined some of the industry’s biggest idols, such as Anna Nicole Smith, Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore and Kate Upton.

Cara Delevingne wears two timeless pieces of nails during the season

long gown dress

Sometimes wearing during the season is probably the hardest to master. When the forecast can switch from a bright blue sky to a thunderstorm within 24 hours, it is difficult to predict how many layers you need to wear to stay comfortable.

Fortunately, there are some fail-safe gears that can guarantee that the way you pass any element may trigger you. Cara Delevingne recently appeared one of the simplest seasonal looks in the home with a beautiful floral dress with a leather biker jacket.

If you don’t have at least one flower skirt and leather jacket to trust us, then they are worth investing. Eternal works are always styles, and in the unpredictable spring they become perfect partners for crime.

long gown dress

This soft midi dress, such as Delevingne’s beautiful Dior number, is perfect for sunny days, while a motorcycle jacket can protect against cold if a cool change swept through. Together, they offer a coveted, beautiful and avant-garde feel. Because the appearance does not require any critical layers, once the clouds are cleared, you can open the jacket and let your clothes sing. Cara clearly knows what happened!

Meghan Markle put on this & other story after the tour and put on the autumn outfit

We all know that Meghan Markle likes to shake on high streets from time to time, we like it. On the seventh day of the Royal Tour on the sunny Fraser Island, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out of a stylish wine-red polka dot dress. This dress comes from high street retailers and other stories. It is a sister brand of H&M. It is a super fascinating piece with knotted details on the waist and cap sleeves.

Mark’s fashion lovers quickly discovered the dress, and many people rushed to other story sites, eager to get one. Of course, all sizes are sold out in a few minutes. However, the brand’s spokesperson told GLAMOR that there are still some parts in the store, so move fast! Priced at £89, it is now the hottest dress for everyone this season.

This is not the first time Meghan is wearing and other stories, we predict it will not be the last time.

Earlier this month, she wore this brand of dark green shirts, which made fans fall into fashion. Once again, this shirt sold very quickly. We can see why she is a fan of this brand; it is not only designed to “create a series, through a well-thought-out solution, giving people the opportunity to express their own personality”, but it is both affordable and stylish, and the quality is quite good.

It seems that she may also get style tips from her nephew, the Duchess of Cambridge, who recently incited similar figures.

So, it turns out that you can dress like a duchess, you just need to hurry. So far, continue to roll Meghan’s best fashion moments…

Cara Delevingne attends the Maddox Gallery auction, wearing a sexy translucent dress for a walk style

long gown dress

She recently held a meeting with a top hat and a tail at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

But on Monday night, Cara Delevingne walked out in a flowing floral dress and chose a more feminine style.

The 26-year-old model tied her dress to a leather biker jacket and a pair of high-heeled boots so she could feel her feelings at the TAG Heuer auction at Maddox Gallery.

The star of the suicide squad flashed a glimpse of her black dress on the black bra, with a pure upper part showing her abdomen.

Cara simply decorates her look with silver necklaces and watches, while adding glamour and a perfect makeup palette.

When she arrived at the event, Carla warmly greeted a male companion and hugged him on the red carpet outside.

When going out at night, Kara did not seem to have a rumored girlfriend, a beautiful little lie star Ashley Benson.

Recently, after Ashley’s fashion show at the Toronto Film Festival, she confirmed her relationship with Kara after commenting on “my” and sharing hint emoji.

However, Screen Beauty claimed that her account was hacked because she shared a title on the Tuesday with her own photo taken at the airport: “When you just got off the plane without WiFi, you found your Instagram hacked.”

She revealed that she already had a case to deal with this problem, she added: “Thank God for fixing it for @remi.franklin.”

The rumors about their romance were first started in April after being found in New York late at night.

They also saw a steaming kiss at London Heathrow Airport in August.

Another royal down jacket! Lady Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer exudes charm in Perth Telethon’s two fashion outfits while raising money for sick children

long gown dress

Prince Harry and Megan Marker are not the only royal members of Australia.

As power couples continue their whirlwind trips across the country, 27-year-old Harry cousin Lady Kitty Spence raises money on the Perth TV show in 2018.

Princess Diana, the niece of Princess Diana, arrived in Western Australia on Thursday for the event, which supports children with life-threatening diseases.

British fashion models were filmed on the Telethon panel at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday.

Mrs. Katie wore a shiny sequined gold dress and made her appearance to the public. Down Under looks like every inch is a royal family.

Family and away actor Patrick O’Connor participated in the first day of the TV series, including several other actors.

It seems that Patrick may have broken some kind of royal etiquette with Kitty because he picked up his shirt on a stage, which makes the audience very happy.

On Sunday, Lady Kitty chose a more casual event.

Back in the group, she wore a dress with flowers and towering black high heels.

Just as Harry and Meghan were in Australia, Lady Kitty mixed with the locals and took photos with several participants in the auditorium.

Before the weekend appeared on the panel, Lady Kitty visited a few children that Telethon plans to raise funds on Friday.

After meeting patients at Perth Children’s Hospital, the royal family said on Instagram: “What an emotional morning to meet with brave and inspiring children.”

In an interview with the West, she added: “It’s a pleasure to meet people face to face and listen to what they mean about Telethon and the differences it actually makes.

“I think this is a very important visit. I met some very, very strong children and strong parents.

“I really respect the elegance they have experienced.”

Lady Kitty also hosted a morning tea party on Friday to raise more money.

In 2017, Perth Telecom raised $36.4 million over the weekend, and this year Lady Kitty and other stars hope to raise more.

Leighton Meester wears a crimson striped shirt and black jeans for single parents to wear casually

She is known for playing Blair Waldorf in the giant gossip girl.

But on Thursday, Leighton Meester is filming scenes for her new show, Single Parents.

The 32-year-old Texas native wears casual clothes and looks relaxed.

On top, she chose a T-shirt with different red stripes and short sleeves to reveal her body-building arm.

Sometimes she also wears a cobalt blue zip jacket.

The tight-fitting black skinny jeans accentuate her soft legs, while a pair of classic Converse high-tops complete her relaxed ensemble.

She separated her black hair in the middle and let them fall on her shoulders.

Slightly smoky eyes, subtle blush and a touch of rosy lipstick ensure she is ready to turn in front of the camera.

It seems that this scene involves a red van because the actress is heading towards the vehicle when she is on the court.

If Leighton has any signs of the video released on Wednesday, the show seems to be going well.

The title of the behind-the-scenes clip is: ‘Thank you very much for watching, everyone is working for our show! I am so lucky. Love my little second family.

The video seems to show the producers speaking to the actors and staff, announcing that they have actually been accepted by ABC for a whole season.

Of course, Leighton also wore black trousers and multi-colored striped T-shirts.

When not in front of the camera, Leighton is considered a fashion expert among many fans.

As early as September, when she was promoting a new show in New York City, the actress had a particularly beautiful costume.

long gown dress

She looks beautiful because she wears a beautiful royal blue dress, floral print and ruffled hem and sleeves, and finally appeared in the Build series.

Earlier in the day, she was wearing a striking white dress to brave the rain, she had big black spots on her body, and she used black leather shoes with the cut sides.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor showed her baby in a vintage floral dress at the ARIA Awards Ceremony

long gown dress

She is ready to welcome her fifth child to the world with her musician husband Richard Jones.

On Thursday night, when she attended the Audio and Broadcast Industry Awards ceremony at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, Sophie Ellis-Bextor showed off her beautiful baby.

The 39-year-old singer shows her styling in a vintage-inspired navy and mustard-colored mid-length dress, including a wrinkled hem and sleeves and an elegant high neck.

Murder On The Dancefloor hitmaker uses black high-heeled sandals with a beautiful dress to bring an energetic performance to the star-studded crowd.

The mother of four children slipped back from her face wearing her crow lock and highlighted her amazing features with a winged eyeliner and pink coral lipstick.

The musician confirmed that she was expecting her fifth child and 13-year-old husband to feel rock singer Richard Jones, who appeared in the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show at Chris Evans in August.

Sophie chose to discard her baby blockbuster while promoting her new album – describing her pregnancy as “spirit.”

When talking about her new music and its release, Sophie left the audience because she announced that her album “Song Diary” will be released at the same time she is about to give birth.

In her interview, she remained quiet until her interview, Sophie revealed: ‘The album will appear with my fifth baby at the same time because I have my fifth child. psychological! ‘

The people in the studio burst into applause, prompting the former Strictly Come Dancing star to laugh, and then claimed that she still didn’t know if she would have a boy or a girl.

Sophie and her husband are currently parents of four sons; Sonny, 14 years old, Kit, 9 years old, Ray, 6 years old, Jesse, 2 years old.

Chris asked the pop star, if she became pregnant and became a parent, her birthday would be easier, and Sophie just replied: “No, I don’t think so.”

She continued to add: “You have become more relaxed in the chaos. We left Richard and me with five children, because our big brother brought a partner, I took a book that looks like I can do it. The most optimistic book!

“It’s not even open – no babies. But I have a two-year-old child.

In an interview with the Independent, Sophie said that she believes that having a child has “helping her cause” rather than hindering it.

She explained: ‘[Motherhood] makes me a better performer, a better artist, a happier person. It is constantly evolving. For me, having my child is a huge deal for me. This gives me a different view of things.

“I won’t say it’s even harder. In fact, I think that in fact, a lot of things are very clear to me. If I don’t become a mother, I won’t do half of what I did.