Helena Bonham Carter reveals her iconic quirky style in wild floral dresses, pink fluffy scarves and giant hair boutonniere


She is currently shooting The Crown for the third season, and she will star in Princess Margaret with Olivia Colman.

At the BBC Radio Studios in London on Thursday, Helena Bonham Carter did not show signs of slowing down the busy schedule.

The 52-year-old Harry Potter actress showed her eccentric outing style surrounded by fans.

Helena wore a versatile floral print dress with a large black bodice waistband and a pair of tights underneath.

In order to adapt to the autumn weather, she wore an oversized black coat and a pink and black sheepskin scarf.

Choosing the same quirky accessories, she added pink beaded sunglasses and a series of oversized and colorful flowers to her hair.

Helena’s trip was after she reportedly hired a psychic to contact the late Princess Margaret before she played her role in the crown.

With the help of a perspective, she can talk to Queen Elizabeth’s sister. Her sister died in 2002 at the age of 71. From outside the grave, she was sure to study the role in a “deepest” way.

A source in an interview with the Sun said: “She always likes to study her role as deeply as possible – and is always ready to redouble her efforts.

“So, if that means using a person with supernatural powers to talk to a character now on the other side, then Helena has no problem.”

According to reports, in Netflix’s third episode, the Harry Potter star who will star in Olivia Coleman and replace Claire Foy as the Queen will receive “positive feedback” from the princess.

The insider of the TV added: “She is born with a spirited mind and is very happy. She is very happy that she has received positive feedback from the late royal family.”

MailOnline contacted a representative of Helena Bonham Carter for comments.

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