Thirsty work! Jennifer Hawkins showed off her super bodybuilding collection when she launched the new series of fruit-flavored waters from Mount Franklin.

long gown dress

She may play the role of Ambassador Meyer in August, but Jennifer Hawkins does not lack the opportunity to support her.

The 34-year-old former Miss Universe has returned to the spotlight to promote Franklin’s new range of fruit-flavored waters in the brand’s vibrant new editorial event.

In the picture, I saw a long-legged blonde posing in a flower, Carmen Miranda-style outfit, while holding a bottle of sugar-free drink in one hand.

A photo shows Jennifer posing with a gorgeous yellow flower, wearing a silk flower dress, revealing a generous torso.

In another shot, the Queen of the Runway showed off her soft legs and trimmed waist with green and pink floral jumpsuits and fluffy sleeves.

Another eye-catching photo shows Jennifer shaping a purple and pink dress with bold floral prints.

“I have been working with them for many years, just like them as a brand. “I love them, they are very iconic in Australia,” Jennifer told Daily Mail Australia about her partnership with Franklin Hill.

“When I first contacted them, it was obviously because I drank this product. Then over time, I just liked them to be such an innovative product and company.

Jennifer also revealed that water is a drink she often indulges.

“I drank a lot! I drink two liters a day. So I go through the bottle. You know, you can only drink so much of Franklin’s light, so I am happy to have a choice and taste. Pineapple and mint are my favorites.

The photos were taken last Wednesday at the official product line of Franklin Hill in Sydney.

During the meeting, guests will have the opportunity to see the iconic stars in the flesh and enjoy a guided relaxation session by the pool.

When Jennifer spoke about the brand in a public statement, “Hydration is very important, especially during the busy summer before Christmas, I need to stay alive and productive throughout the day.”

The senior model also revealed in the statement that she turned to Franklin’s new drink to counter her “afternoon energy decline.”

She said, like many people I know, when I often want to get sweets, I will struggle in the afternoon energy decline.

“A better way to rest is to use a delicious moisturizing drink, such as the delicious Franklin Springs, with a hint of natural fruit and no sugar, they are a great treat you feel at the same time,” she continued.

The new drink from Franklin Mountain has three mouth-watering fruit flavors – pineapple and mint, lemon and lime and strawberry.

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