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The black curtains around the stage are filled with posters – “One gender, one love”, “Love no gender”, “Love is for everyone.” There are three multi-color gateways, one in the middle opens the model sashayed and the other two unveiled Really singer of Pharrell William’s Freedom and other lyrics.

Rainbow Show is the last episode of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week, with rich colors, youthful energy and numerous designs. The celebration of Indian fashion festivals and the country’s talented artists are highly regarded through inclusiveness and diversity. From the collaboration with Australia and Japan to the use of grassroots weavers and artisans, the four-day event of the Indian Fashion Design Council celebrated a judgment that brought India firmly into the 21st century, ahead of many other countries.

Through the ruffles, stripes, shapes and countless modes, the runway demonstrates the country’s acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. On the stage are shrugs, bikinis, saris, flared skirts, floral patterns and rainbows to celebrate unity. The program represents approximately 40 designers from across the country to interpret judgments in the best possible way through their rich and colorful designs. Each designer wears a model in a rainbow-themed ensemble, consisting mainly of six stripes – red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple – representing diversity and peace.

Although the designer Suneet Varma’s yellow sari and floral pattern look like a revelation, his model Sonalika Sahay said boldly: “Love is all, #377.” Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh’s attire introduces another A classic element that shocks the audience. As the model walks to the end of the runway, her pure white dress is gradually dyed with infinite multi-color.

Designer Rahul Mishra’s outfit screams with a simple beauty through a multi-colored striped blazer, paired with a blue mesh of the same length of the floor dress. Designer Huemn’s orange-red jersey with a newspaper-printed skirt is a perfect example of celebrating beauty, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. It challenges body humiliation as a plus size model to walk on the ramp. Although the designer Gaurav Gupta’s clothing has colorful lights, the designer Manish Malhotra’s work brings back a floral pattern with curved decorations on the border. Wendell Rodriguez’s white bikini with colored polka dots and stripes underneath, and a white Superman robe at the back, once back to the collection.

After the vibrancy of the brightly colored dress, actor Huma Qureshi, a white dress and a feather jacket made of velvet, attracted the audience.

FDCI President Sunil Sesie said: “With such a program, our aim is to give space to experiment with pre-designed tonal wheels and demonstrate unity in this cause. It has liberated millions of lives under pressure from society. People who are bound by fears that are often severely judged. We celebrate this choice, the dignity and the victory of privacy.”

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