Meghan Markle put on this & other story after the tour and put on the autumn outfit

We all know that Meghan Markle likes to shake on high streets from time to time, we like it. On the seventh day of the Royal Tour on the sunny Fraser Island, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out of a stylish wine-red polka dot dress. This dress comes from high street retailers and other stories. It is a sister brand of H&M. It is a super fascinating piece with knotted details on the waist and cap sleeves.

Mark’s fashion lovers quickly discovered the dress, and many people rushed to other story sites, eager to get one. Of course, all sizes are sold out in a few minutes. However, the brand’s spokesperson told GLAMOR that there are still some parts in the store, so move fast! Priced at £89, it is now the hottest dress for everyone this season.

This is not the first time Meghan is wearing and other stories, we predict it will not be the last time.

Earlier this month, she wore this brand of dark green shirts, which made fans fall into fashion. Once again, this shirt sold very quickly. We can see why she is a fan of this brand; it is not only designed to “create a series, through a well-thought-out solution, giving people the opportunity to express their own personality”, but it is both affordable and stylish, and the quality is quite good.

It seems that she may also get style tips from her nephew, the Duchess of Cambridge, who recently incited similar figures.

So, it turns out that you can dress like a duchess, you just need to hurry. So far, continue to roll Meghan’s best fashion moments…

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