6 Street Style Looks That Will Get You Noticed and Turn Heads

Street style is a major fashion phenomenon. If you want to know what is trendy for the coming season, just take a look at the street style trends. Many sartorial fans have been flaunting street-style ensembles in unique, trendy, and edgy ways.

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration on how to build your street-style wardrobe, ahead are some of the must-haves to step up your fashion game. Do expect to see oversized cargo pants, blazers with bold prints, crop tops, and midi skirts. Here are the biggest street style trends to watch out for.

Maxi Denim Skirts

Time to keep those micro-mini skirts because this season, it is all about maxi denim skirts. Denim has been seen on both runways and streets. They are a popular choice in street-style fashion for the longest time. The classic maxi skirt has made a huge comeback and showcases its versatility.

Chunky Shoes

Elevate your street style with chunky sole shoes that have long been a trend in the fashion scene. Now, chunky soles are a staple in the world of street-style fashion. Featuring a bold and exaggerated design, the chunky soles have the ability to add an edgy touch to any outfit. Whether they are platform boots or chunky sneakers, these shoes are versatile and complement a wide range of looks. No matter, if you are going for a grungy look or an urban aesthetic, chunky sole shoes, are a must-have for those who want to elevate their street-style fashion game.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are everywhere on the feeds and are usually paired with oversized jackets. This trend is showing no signs of backing down. A trend that gives a nod to the 2000s fashion, crop tops have been popular for the last few years.  

Oversized Cargo Pants

The cargo pants for 2023 are not the same as the ones worn in the early aughts. Instead of the low-rise style, today’s cargo pants are high-waisted and are more comfortable. For those who want to embrace this trend, they will be glad to know that they feature many pockets. Besides the usual black and khaki, do expect to see cargo pants in every color including pink.


The Blazers have been big for the past couple of years. Nonetheless, do expect to see blazers in prints rather than solid-color ones. How to style them? The oversized blazers are often paired with a crop top or bra top underneath with oversized pants or maxi skirts, depending on the mood. 

Retro Rosettes

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with a rosette, a favorite trend during the ’90s and ’00s. Many showed up at the NYFW with a variety of ways to wear these trendy florals, from a massive statement flower on the shoulder to a more subtle option on the neck or waist. 

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