Fashion Girl-Approved Summer Activewear To Copy Now

Fashion Girl-Approved Summer Activewear To Copy Now

We are sure that every time you didn’t know what to wear, you looked for inspiration on social media. Sometimes we need some inspiration to find the perfect outfit for different occasions. And sometimes, to find the perfect summer activewear outfit we need some inspiration too.

If you are looking for some yoga suits that are approved by fashion girls and that you need to copy, we want to let you know that there’s a brand that has the best ones, not only they are sustainable, but also very comfortable.

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

The brand

The brand we are talking about is Cosmolle. They are a brand that started offering us the best and most comfortable seamless and wireless underwear and bras you could find on the market. Not long after they decided to expand the business and offer an activewear range, which now has become the most important range of products they offer.

The product range they have is big and includes so many different pieces, like sets, leggings, and shorts, a big variety of tops that include tank tops, sports bras, short and long sleeve tops, and also an activewear bodysuit. There’s definitely something for everyone and their own personal styles and needs.

Premium Seamless Full Length Bodysuit

One of the most important values they have as a brand is being inclusive and supporting body positivity. But the forefront of what they do is sustainability. You’ll find an inclusive size range in their products, and they are always stylish while being accessible and also affordable for everyone.  

They believe in fair trade but also support communities and their workers, and when it comes to sustainability, they use eco-friendly and sustainable materials like recycled nylon and collagen polyamide yarn. They also use processes that are sustainable, like 3D printing, that generates a lot less waste if compare with traditional manufacturing, but it is also energy efficient.

The activewear you’ll be wearing this summer

These are the Cosmolle pieces that we believe you would be wearing this summer but also that are approved by fashionistas… who when are not attending a fashion show love wearing activewear pieces that keep them comfortable to do what they need to do during their less busy days.

The first piece is their Move Free Bike Short with Pockets. This is one of the best and most comfortable shorts that you can wear during summer. These shorts have a high-waste design and also a 4-way high-stretch fabric (26% spandex and 74% nylon). They will give you a slimming effect and a figure-flattering appeal. They are weightless and buttery soft with a soft matte finish. Has side pockets, a fold-over waistband, flatlock seams, and also doesn’t have a front rise seam.

Move Free Bike Short with Pockets

Another piece that you will love wearing during summer and is approved by your favorite fashionistas and other customers that love the brand are the Move Free Knot Short Sleeve Top. This top was made with a skin-friendly and moisture-wicking yarn that will keep you dry, cool, and rash-free. The fabric is not only soft but it is also eco-friendly. Its design is very flattering, has fingerless gloves that allow flexibility and movement freedom. And it also has internal chest support.

These are pieces you will be loving to wear during summer, because not only they will keep you dry and cool but they also will keep you comfortable and allow you to do every movement you want to do, no matter if you use them to work out at the gym or at home or if you just wear them go about your day.

Move Free Knot Short Sleeve Top

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