How to pick the right workout clothes for your fitness goals

How to pick the right workout clothes for your fitness goals

Practicing physical activity is extremely important and indispensable for the health of the body and mind. When you practice exercise, endorphin is instantly released. Which is the hormone responsible for bringing a feeling of well-being.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the ideal physical activity

Choosing the ideal physical activity for each one. however, it depends on many factors, such as the desired goals, and time available for practice. And where the practitioners intend to perform them, among others.

Another very important factor is how to choose the ideal clothes for your body type and also for different activities.

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Choosing the ideal clothes for your plan

Yoga, for example, is an exercise that requires a lot of flexibility from its practitioners to perform certain movements. And for these movements to be performed more comfortably and effectively. Women recommended that the practitioner wear suitable yoga suits. Normally, the clothes suitable for doing yoga are clothes that are made with softer fabrics. And with elasticity so that the practitioner does not experience any problems and unforeseen circumstances when moving.

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In lighter and outdoor exercises, such as walking and running, it is recommended that the practitioner opts for clothes that keep his body airy, as the activities will be carried out in different places and often even under the sun, so the body will stay warm. airier and consequently will offer a greater sense of well-being even if exposed to the heat of the sun. In this situation, the sports bra and shorts set are indicated, as they are made with light and soft fabric, offering comfort and lightness even on the hottest days.

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Knowing your body type well when choosing the ideal fitness outfit. Knowing the body well is a guarantee that the clothes will bring a better fit to the user.

Hourglass (highlighted bust and hip): The hourglass body type is the famous “guitar”, with a thin waist and prominent bust. The thighs, calves, and shoulders; all parts are well-balanced.


Rectangular (straighter body, without many curves): The rectangular body has great uniformity, starting from the shoulders to the waist. To avoid the lack of very evident curves and contours, it is good to choose stamped pieces, with circles or undulations, for example.

Neckline: draws attention to the look and overshadows the uniformity of the silhouette; Loose tank tops and blouses, with good fit, good look.

Pear body (more prominent hips, drier abdomen, and slightly enhanced bust): The pear body is the physical type with the most advanced hips and the most discreet bust.

Select neutral colors for leggings or any other lower-body garment. Grey, navy blue, black and etc. Thus, the hip volume does not extrapolate the body design;

Fitted tops or tank tops are a great option for the outfit.

Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle (bust more evident than the hip): The body that demonstrates the “inverted triangle” has a slight disproportion for wider shoulders, such as the bust. The upper part of the body is more prominent than the lower part. It’s important to stick to the details to seek the balance of the look.

Use more discreet pieces on top. This involves tank tops and tank tops, even T-shirts. Colors like gray and black help highlight the hips, the most “overshadowed” part;

Oval type (larger hips and waist): The oval-type body has a lot of emphases on the hips. It is the physical type of extra fat around the waist, with a larger abdomen. The idea is to focus on the most delicate parts of the silhouette.

The basic little black dress can be a way to disguise the waist a little. So it’s interesting to give preference to black leggings;

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A good neckline can take the focus off the enlarged hips. It values another part of the body. The V collar is a great option in this case.

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