5 Shapewear That’ll Make Your Summer Outfits 100% Cooler

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and confident with her own body, whether in everyday life, at work or on special occasions. To tune your silhouette and enhance your curves, you can use a shapewear, which guarantees instant effects and, in the long term, improving your self-esteem and well-being.

There are several shapewears, each one is suitable for a certain biotype. That’s why we prepared this ranking, selecting the 5 shapewear that will make your summer clothes 100% cooler.

Body Shaper Belt

The shapewear belt is ideal for those who want to reduce the belly, slim the waist, shape the hips and legs, enhance the breasts and hide imperfections such as sagging, cellulite, outerwear and localized fat.

This shapewear has a straight neckline on the front and covers the entire back region, seamless hem, without bulge to better shape the breasts, strategic reinforcement in the belly area.

The seamless body shaper has a structure similar to that of a swimsuit and serves to shape the entire torso (back, stomach, waist and breasts). The fabric of the bodysuit is quite thick and stretchy and compresses the whole body.

Some shapers come with padding and underwire, to lift and shape the breasts, but it is also possible to find shapers without padding and anatomical ones. Straps are usually thicker and have adjustments to help support the breasts.

The back can be racerback or straight. In both cases, no one will notice that you are wearing the shaper, even if you wear more open and low-cut clothes.

Models the entire torso

High waisted leggings

Wholesale high waisted leggings are great for those who want to shape their stomach, back, butt and thighs, as the legging encompasses all these areas. These leggings can be completely closed or have a hygienic opening in the intimate area.

The cool thing is that in addition to disguising measurements, this shaper also reduces the appearance of cellulite and prevents friction between the legs (for those with thick thighs).


Shapes tummy, back, buttocks and thighs

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Prevents chafing between the legs

Waist Training

The modeling belt to use in the gym is usually made of rubberized fabric and is very tight to the body, to give enough support to the spine and help to contract the abdominal muscles well.

The fitness modeling girdle must have fins made of malleable fabric, so as not to impede your mobility and flexibility while performing exercises at the gym. There is a neoprene strap model with cross-tie. This version is more comfortable and exerts medium compression.


Ideal for gym use

Contract the abdominal muscles

Modeling panties

This type of belt is shaped like high-waisted panties, ideal for those with fat located in the lower abdomen, close to the pelvis. It is usually made with microfiber or some other material of synthetic origin and the lining is made of cotton.

This model has medium compression and is ideal for everyday use, as you can wear the garment for several hours at a time. The panty-style modeling strap goes up to the navel and does not mark clothes.


Ideal for those with fat in the lower abdomen

Can be used for many hours

Do not mark the clothes


The shirt/bodysuit has this name because the piece is shaped like a tank top and serves to shape the waist and breasts. This waist trainer can come with the structure of the bra (with or without cups) or with an opening in this region.

This waist trainer is a little more versatile than the bodysuit, because it has no closure at the bottom (which makes it difficult to go to the bathroom). On the other hand, you need to be careful that the fabric does not curl.

As it is higher in the back, this waist trainer is ideal for those who have fat in the region, as in addition to compressing the adipose tissue in the area, the piece instantly disguises the volume, without the fat sticking out of the sides of the model.


Shape waist and breasts

Ideal for those with back fat

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