Each piece of body shaper for women is for a different body and to be used with a specific outfit, the design of each one is to highlight different parts of the body and help you with different areas, to know which shapewear is right for you, you have to think in detail so that you are going to use it more.

If it is only to be used with dresses, or you want to start using more bodysuits and tighter tops and you want to highlight your figure in a different way, each outfit has its specific shapewear, the only thing you have to do is invest in a more universal one that you can use it with any outfit, from casual dresses to the most elegant ones, high-waisted pants or jeans, pencil skirts or mini skirts that are super easy to use.

The most recommended are the shaping bodysuit that have a swimsuit design and you can wear it under tops, blouses, dresses that are not low cut, they are the most comfortable you will be able to find, mold your figure and it does not show at all that it you’re wearing it looks like a normal bodysuit.

Neckless bodysuits are for more special occasions where you want to show off a pronounced neckline, I think we all know how uncomfortable it is to get something to wear with that type of clothing that has a neckline, there are hundreds of bras on the market created for that but nothing like This bodysuit is one of my favorites for parties where you want to look sexy.

If your goal is to raise the neckline and make your chest look bigger or give shape to your breasts, the open bust is the one for that task,  it has become a favorite of many celebrities because it enhances the correct parts where you need it. The necessary support, from the waist to the chest, can also help you on the hips if you wish, the possibilities are endless, there is a type of shapewear for each thing as well as there are designs that fulfill different functions and that you can use it with hundreds of outfits throughout your life.

The best thing you can do is study your wardrobe and buy based on what you wear daily or what you wear at parties or meetings, such as dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, depending on your style you will be able to find from shapewear guide for you that is Adjust to your specific needs, one of the favorites is the full bodysuit that reaches the thigh area that helps to mold your entire body and you can use it daily and feel super comfortable at the same time, it is made of a resistant material but soft to the touch, I think we should all have one of these that we can use in the autumn-winter season where we can shape our body when we are wearing warm clothes that mostly never favor us but with this piece we can help to show the silhouette in a more way natural.

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