Quick Guide: Hoodies with Skirts Fashion Outfits

One of our favorite spring/summer styles: hoodies with skirts offers a perfect combination of chic and comfort.

There are lots of styling options when it comes to this outfit as you can wear a classic hoodie or a cropped version, maxi skirt or a shorter A-line pleated skirt, and a variety of colors and prints.

So this season make sure that you use your imagination and come up with some cute, unique combinations suitable for a variety of occasions – from every day to a night out.

There are a couple of simple styling tips to remember when choosing your perfect hoodie + skirt combination.

Generally, if you opt for a maxi skirt with lots of volumes, try to keep your top short and vice versa. A longer hoodie will look great with a short skirt.

Now, let’s have a look at a couple of great examples of how to rock your skirt and hoodie outfit.

For all those who enjoy a cool urban style like in the picture above. we recommend choosing a simple jean skirt and wearing it with sneakers.

If you would like to brighten up your look a little bit. You can always choose a hoodie in vivid orange or red color and go for a stylish cropped version. See below:

The cropped top will look very interesting with a maxi skirt as well and you can go for a side slip if you want to spice your lookup. Just remember that your skirt should be playful and fun. Combining a sporty top with an elegant office skirt simply won’t work.

Below you can find a couple of skirts that are suitable for a hoodie + skirt look. So you can decide which style you are going to wear this summer.

Pleated skirts, in general, will look really good with hoodies as long as you wear them with suitable accessories. We recommend tennis shoes or sneakers. A fanny pack (also known as a bum bag or waist pack), and a pair of funky sunglasses.

Wear it with stylish sporty sandals as in the example below:

Whichever style you will choose this season, remember that zip-up hoodies are an interesting and versatile option as well. You can make the whole look more feminine by wearing a sexy short top underneath. Have fun!

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