Alluring Hair Color for a Different Style in 2021

Even those of us who adore their hair, need to change our style and color from time to time. A new hairstyle can not only improve our look and confidence, but it can also make us look several years younger. And who doesn’t like that? This year, try something you haven’t try before.

You may be surprised how good you look in a totally different color. Even if you always thought it’s totally not for you.

1. Fashionable Pink

If you are ready for a huge change in your look this year, why don’t you try a chic pink color as in the picture above? It looks good with most complexions and is perfect for summertime and beyond.

2. Blond Highlights

Summer is the best time to make your hair a little lighter and add some fashionable highlights to your current color. This will make your hairstyle look fresh and youthful.

Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, you can add just a couple of highlights in the front, to brighten up your face, or go for a full head look as in the picture above. Highlights are a great way to update your current style without doing anything radical if you are not ready for a big change just yet.

Every time you visit your hairdresser, you can add more highlights and make your hair color a little lighter. Step by step and without taking too much risk and regretting your decision later.

3. Platinum Blond

Probably the sexiest and feminine color out there, you should try platinum blond at least once in your lifetime. Remember that if you go for a huge change in your hair color, you don’t need to change your hairstyle straight away. Keep the same length for a while, you can always cut it when you get bored with your current style.

4. Chic Brown

According to popular opinions, brown hair doesn’t need to be boring. Make sure you invest in a good hair conditioner/serum to reduce frizz and add shine so you can keep your color fresh and beautiful at all times.

5. Black and Natural

If you are always experimenting with various colors and looks every year, you may not even remember how your real hair looks like. How about doing something different in 2021 and celebrating the natural you? You may be surprised how good it feels to be comfortable in your own skin and celebrate what you already have instead of trying to change it according to current fashion trends.

Good luck with finding your favorite hairstyle and color this year!

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