How to Pair Outerwear with Long Sleeve Dresses

It is indeed a season where the cold chilly wind is all over the place, so it is expected to get a set of long-sleeves as part of our wardrobe collection. But how do we make it more stylish and unique than just by wearing a plain long-sleeve dress? As the fashion industry is a concern, there are many fresh ideas on how to look cute and chic with your long-sleeve dresses, and one of those is to pair it nicely with outerwear! You probably have a cardigan, jacket, or sweater vest at your disposal, right? Then, we will let you see some of the hottest fashion styles that you can do with them with your long-sleeve shirt and dress.

1. Style It With a Floral Print Jacket

Following this kind of style brings a refreshing vibe like you’re getting close to nature! The floral print design may look childish but oozing with sophistication and boldness. Who would have thought that this compliments a long sleeve dress underneath? Adding a leave-design earring will complete this statement!

2. Start With a Vintage Style Jacket

It is, without a doubt, still a winter season. So, we highly value an outfit that can make us feel warm and cozy. Getting a sexy long-sleeve dress with a vintage style jacket can be your new fashion trend for office or formal events. Matching up the colors of these dresses is the critical factor to pull off this outfit successfully.

3. Get Your Cardigan Vest

If you’re having some issues with what to pair with your long-sleeve dress, then the easiest way is to do it with a cardigan vest! Since cardigans are one of the most common trends this winter, you’ll be sure that this kind of style will never get out of place!

4. Try It With a Puffer Vest

A leather puffer vest + long-sleeve sweatshirt will be your best protection against the coldest weather! If you want to stand out in this attire, pairing it with a long skirt or jeans will do. A nice pair of snow boots and sneakers to stay on-the-go.

5. Rely on Your Outerwear

One of the easiest ways to stay hot with your long-sleeve dress is with beautiful and stylish outerwear! This style relies on the jacket’s impressive feature and look, and this sherpa jacket in tan is a perfect example of that.  

These are just some of the ideas on how to pair your long-sleeve dress with your outerwear! Meaning that you should not try and limit yourself in an experiment with other styles as well.

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