What advice do you have for finding good-fitting shapewear?

There is nothing more pleasurable than wearing an outfit that fits perfectly and enhances your body’s strengths. Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate underwear for each type of composition, forming a combination that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

But with FeelinGirl shapewear, making amazing compositions is much easier. Because it is made with technology that reduces measurements without marking, showing the parts of the body that you like the most. With it you can model the area of ​​the butt and breeches, making it firmer and disguising signs of cellulite and sagging in the region.

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Why choose a shapewear?

The shapewear is the perfect choice for women looking for extra strong compression in the abdomen to be used with tighter dresses, pants and other pieces that show body parts. With technology that completely disappears under clothing and its anatomical stitching favors the butt region and adjusts the breeches.

Also, for those looking to favor the abdomen region, shapewear is one of the best options. In addition to fine tuning and firmness for the waist region, it has texture, super light and comfortable. This modeling piece also helps to disguise the fat on the back, providing comfort and support, perfect to be used under different clothes. So, for shapewear to adjust well, you can take the following advice:

1. Good clothing technology;

2. Reduces the abdomen extra strong;

3. Zero marks on the legs;

4. Anatomical stitching to shape the butt and adjust the breeches;

5. Completely disappears under clothing;

6. Top: Double fabric with seamless technology to reduce locally;

7. Underneath: Exclusive esthetic super microfiber fabric, unbreakable, super thin, light so as not to mark;

8. Use with: skirts and tights.

Compressions must balance the limit between transforming and deforming, so the ideal size for your shapewear may be the same size as your panties.

How to find shapewear that fit well?

First, shapewear must combine elements of the traditional lingerie with the technology of elastic threads. The result is a unique, powerful, and elegant shapewear piece to be used discreetly under clothing.

As a result, it provides the immediate reduction of measures. Where the tummy control underwear effect reshapes the silhouette in a few moments and, with continuous use, also called waist training, progressively reduces body measurements.

In addition, it helps in reducing waist, flanks and abdominal measurements, with continuous use recommended for active people who have healthy physical activity routines. Because it has no tie, it is an easy piece to wear, besides being more discreet under the clothes. Its structure is very close to that of lingerie, both in the materials used and in the modeling and distribution of the fins, but with the flexibility of an elastic fabric.

Size and model are fundamental when choosing

Shapewear can make you look slimmer and more elegant, whether in a tight dress, work clothes, or even in classic jeans and a T-shirt. However, if in the past they were too tight and redistributed the fat in the wrong way, pushing it to the corners and making the user have a hard time. Now there is a lot of care to choose the most suitable model that is relatively comfortable.

But, after all, how do you know which one is right and why buy the ideal size? Understand now and be surprised.

Shapewares are not the same. Each has its specific function and, consequently, helps in different points of the body, causing the necessary changes in the image.

Currently, this type of accessory is no longer created just to reduce the size of the silhouettes as much as possible, squeezing all the excesses that users have. Quite the opposite. Over time, it was understood that the straps can cause positive impacts simply by softening the fat, without having to be tight in one piece.

That’s because this technology works from elastic or rigid fabrics that are cut and sewn in a pattern. Thus, when used, they do not allow the body to bend, preventing the infamous and feared love handles from appearing.

Thus, the question is not to choose the tighter piece on the shelf, but rather to find one that, properly adjusted, can bring numerous benefits that go beyond aesthetics, such as improving posture, confidence, walking and even provide a more elegant body.

So where does all the fat go? The answer is simple. Women waist trainer reduce and smooth lines, moving excesses to the spaces where muscles are compressed or relocating in more desirable places. In addition, the accessory also contains sagging, giving a leaner look without necessarily having to press all of your adipose tissue.

What are the main tips to choose?

To choose the right size, pay attention to these details:

Shapewear needs to be tightened to produce the slimming effect. However, be cautious. It needs to be just enough, without making an effort to use the piece.

Always choose a piece that is your current size and not the size you would like to have. In fact, it is tempting to choose smaller shapewear in the hope of looking thinner, but that is a completely wrong choice.

If you have large breaches, in relation to the rest of the body, choose shapewear that does not cover this region. It is very unlikely that a piece will model both points in the same way. Therefore, it is worth buying the bottom and panties separately to find a more harmonious result.

If you are very short, especially in the trunk and hips area, avoid shapewear with a high waist. This will flatten it and you will be left with a lot of wrinkled fabric, with nowhere to leave it.

You don’t need to wear something that totally changes its shape to gain a thinner silhouette. When it comes to slimming modeling, you can choose which points you want to modify and focus on reaching only your thighs, butt, belly or even various areas.

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