Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

If you are having problems with your lower belly and need an extra support for this part of you body, this article is just for you.

We rounded up our favourite tummy control pieces including a short guide how to prevent the best shapewear from rolling down. Have a look at our selection below!

Loverbeauty Plain Boyleg Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Firm Control

Best choice for plus size ladies – a simple full body shaper in black which enhances your best features while keeping your lower belly under firm control. As most Loverbeauty shapewear, it comes in two practical colours: classic beige and sophisticated black. With this full control bodysuit, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected situations or wardrobe malfunctions throughout the day.

Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control

Full Body Shaper with detachable straps (pictured above) is one of the best options for keeping lower belly in control. Three layers of abdomen design will keep you look toned and slim even under the most demanding garments.

Loverbeauty Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body Shaper

Our list of best shapewear for tummy and waist wouldn’t be complete without Tummy Control Shorts. Featuring front zipper for maximum comfort, they reduce the size of lower belly and waist. Removable straps make it easy to transform them into strapless design. You can wear them with your favourite bra.

Loverbeauty Zippered Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts

What’s great about this design is the fact that it also gives you an extra butt lift. What more could you ask for?

Loverbeauty Zippered Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts

If you would like to prevent your tummy control shapewear from rolling down, remember those tips:

If you would like to prevent your tummy control shapewear from rolling down,

remember those tips:- always pay attention to your size

– don’t choose anything that is too small or too big – perfect shapewear is

meant to be just right otherwise it will keep moving or rolling down (or up)

– remember that the size chart offered at various retailers may not be exactly

the same – when in doubt, ask questions

– make sure you buy high quality garments – pay attention to fabrics and


– use a hook to keep your shorts tied to a bra – it will prevent it from rolling


– go for a full bodysuit shaper – you won’t have to worry about the fabric not

staying in place

– choose shorts and panties with anti-slip strips

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