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pink curly borg teddy coat

The coat is the protagonist of autumn-winter clothing. It is the real star of the winter wardrobe because it manages to make even the banalest of looks sophisticated. And I don’t know about you, but one coat isn’t enough for me. I always want to see my closet full of them! In fact, it’s always nice to change coat, and show off new looks every day.

There is little to do, the coat will be the key item for winter fashion. But what are the trendiest models? Let’s find out together, along with some tips on how to wear them.

Camel-colored coat

This year this coat is a wild card, you can wear it on any type of outfit: elegant, sporty, to go to school, to go to the gym, to have an aperitif with your friends and to go out to dinner. It adapts perfectly to any type of combination: a classic for work, a little sportier for school or college, a little more sparkling for going out at night! It can also be found in all shapes and in all lengths.

Robe coat

This coat is very warm if you choose it in the wool fabric. If you want to be more daring, opt for one in leather or vinyl, very wild! The leather one makes every type of outfit special, especially an evening one: if you have an appointment, a dinner out, an aperitif, it will definitely give an extra gear to your look.

Oversized coat

The oversized coat is much loved by many women because it is very comfortable and warm. Before buying such a coat, however, be careful to buy it up to one size larger than yours, otherwise, you will sail inside of it! Also pay attention to the seam on the shoulder, which must go down on it: this means that the model is truly oversized. The oversized coat can be very beautiful and fashionable even in the double-breasted version with gold buttons. I recommend it in wool or even in tartan because the checkered print is a super trend this winter.

Teddy coat

We have already started to like the teddy coat last year. This year it returns bursting into magical pastel colors. So, let’s leave the long-haired synthetic furs slightly aside, to make room for the world of teddy bears made to coat! A little tip: if you are blonde, go for warm colors like pink, orange or yellow; if you are a brunette, cold colors like purple, lilac, light blue, turquoise, and pistachio green will look much better!

Long coat

The most classic coat of coat that we find in all the fashion shows is the long model. It is the passe-partout for any type of occasion. If you choose it blue, you will be on the safe side and you can combine it with practically anything, especially with denim. Another interesting choice is that of tartan: opt for a colored one, with an outfit underneath in neutral colors. White, gray, black, or denim will look great.

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