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plus size dress

Bodycon dresses

The bodycon dress is a passe-partout garment for all curvy women. A wild card of extreme versatility to show off on the most varied occasions. There are plenty of models in the rich catalog of proposals that can be purchased on HexinFashion: some are long. Others reach knee height at most, but the final result does not change.

The long ones are certainly more suitable for a ceremony or in a scenic location, while the latter is more versatile and exploitable. As such, in different circumstances: they are good for the office look but also for leisure time and, if adorned with the right accessories, can also be shown off in the evening. Perhaps on the occasion of a romantic dinner for two or a party in an exclusive venue.

What matters, to further streamline the figure, is that you choose shoes that are able to make a contribution in their own way. We are referring to pumps, for example, but also sandals, provided of course that they are equipped with a vertiginous heel and that give the figure a few more precious centimeters more.

Blouses and tunics

HexinFashion, for free time, offers modern and casual garments whose ultimate goal will always be to enhance the silhouette and restore the right proportions. They will disguise any defects without anyone being able to suspect that there are a few extra pounds under that garment.

The catalog is full of blouses and tunics, a particularly emblematic garment in the field of fashion for plus sizes. Their design is specially designed to hide the extra pounds. And to make sure that every woman can feel perfectly at ease. Without having to worry about flab and rolls coming out of the shirt. These blouses are mostly declined in soft and light fabrics, which is why they are also extremely comfortable. The beauty is that they can be worn, without exception, from sunrise to sunset, capable as they are of giving life to always different and trendy outfits.

They can also be worn in two ways: over trousers or a skirt or, as current fashion dictates, inside the garment. We have chosen for the lower part of our look. Choose from the best plus size wholesale the one that suits you best!


Another piece which is perfect for curvy silhouettes is a jumpsuit, the most ingenious invention of the twenty-first century. Elegant like a formal dress, comfortable like a tracksuit, jumpsuits combine design and comfort like no other garment is able to do. Their success is to be found in the fact that they always go well.

There are jumpsuits with silk and georgette inserts that are a great alternative to the empire-style dress. Especially as regards the world of plus sizes. There are also simple and trendy models that are very appropriate for leisure time and for an outing in the company of friends or partners. Of different prints and patterns, colors, and fabrics, there is something for every taste!

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