5 Stylish Scarf Combinations

plaid pattern scarf

1 Wrapped Scarf

When temperatures are very low, the most classic way to wear a scarf is to keep it wrapped around your neck. Mind the proportions, though! Opt for a wrapped scarf when your shrug is not very bulky, so for example with a cropped jacket. This wrapped scarf style is also perfect when you don’t want to suffer from neck pain. This pain is often caused by the fact that you tend to stay with your neck stretched, rather than leaving an inch of your skin exposed! Make a couple of tight turns with the scarf around your neck, and tuck the ends inside. This will keep your throat, mouth, and nose warm! The glamorous touch? Leave your hair tucked inside the scarf, so you’ll avoid that hateful effect of hump under the hair and knots at the nape of the neck.

2 Scarf as a Shawl

If your scarf is rather maxi, wear it as a stole on your shoulders but also on your arms. The ideal look includes a maxi pullover with a high collar so that your neck does not remain uncovered, a leather jacket or a coat in matching cloth, and a maxi scarf worn as a shawl. The chic effect is super assured, and is the ideal choice if you have soft hips or if you are not that tall: by imaginatively creating two vertical lines along your body, you will look slimmer and slenderer!

3 Scarf and Belt

This is a perfect style for the heavier blanket scarves, to be worn over dresses, cardigans or even coats. It consists of placing the center of the scarf exactly behind the nape, in a symmetrical way, and in closing with a strap at the waist that is not too tight, but which creates a soft drape. If you have a rectangle body shape and want to create a more harmonious figure, this is right for you!

4 Cowboy Style

If you have purchased a plaid scarf and you don’t know how to wear it, don’t put it on the sofa! Instead, fold it in half to create a rectangle. Then fold it further to create a sort of jagged triangle, slide it from the front to the back of the neck and cross the ends. You can leave the ends either on the shoulder or wedge them inside the scarf. This is the ideal choice when you’re wearing a parka or down jacket that would stay pretty low-cut no matter how tight you can tie it. It is also ideal if you have large breasts and don’t want to weigh that area down even more.

5 Thrown-Round Scarf

Place the scarf on your neck and throw one end on the opposite shoulder, perhaps the one related to the arm you use least so that your neck is perfectly covered. This styling is perfect if your coat is already high-necked enough. If you are concerned that the scarf may fall out all the time. You can secure it with a pin you particularly like.

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