How To Get Back In Shape After Giving Birth

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Getting in shape, and staying in shape is a task so big, it requires consistency and a method unique to your body type. And unlike the popular opinion, it is possible to get back in shape after having a baby. Yes, physical changes to your body like additional weight gain and the appearance of a postpartum belly (diastasis recti) are inevitable following childbirth, but it is possible to get back your body composition.

What to Do

  • Use bodywear: the use of wholesale shapewear and full-body shapewear can help you get back in shape. Your body has not become abnormal because you delivered a beautiful child. It just needs to be reconfigured back to what you desire and the right wears can do that for you.
  • Wear a postpartum wrap or band as it can be used to help support your abdominal muscles directly in the first few weeks after you give birth when those muscles are at their weakest. They can also provide light compression to help your uterus shrink back, although that will happen naturally anyway, they help speed up the process.

Change your bra

For the first couple of weeks after your baby is born, your boobs are going to be a MESS. Huge, leaky, and aching. Forget about trying to stuff yourself into your pre-pregnancy bras, as it may cause you more pain and make it harder for it to get back in shape.

At HexinFashion, you can get a good quality sleep bra and wear that for those early weeks. Actually, get two or three. Remember the leaky bit? You’ll want a backup when your bra is in the wash.

These will ensure that you begin to feel like yourself again, feeling comfortable in your own skin after you bring that bundle of joy out of your belly and into the world.

How To Get Back The Shape

 Allow your body to recuperate: Give your body time to get rid of relaxin, a hormone produced during pregnancy that makes your joints flexible and vulnerable. Your body is in repair mode, and you do not want to disturb that period. Experts recommend it’s safe after six weeks to begin exercising, but you can start wearing postpartum wraps and belly belts immediately after pregnancy.

back on your feet: Don’t get lazy, or feel relaxed, and decide not to exercise. Get some miles in, make those steps count in their thousands. Gradually increase it as your strength may permit. You really do not want to have to change your entire wardrobe after childbirth.

Rest: Allow yourself to sleep, get some rest. Do not deprive yourself of quality sleep time. When your new infant falls asleep, sleep with him. Get someone to help you care for him. You can only be a super mom if you have strength. And remember, your body needs to heal.

In addition, get back to your exercise routine. Planks, bridges, and yoga are highly recommended. Cardio based exercises are also a good way to get back in shape.

Patience, consistency, and a sound mind would help you get back your beautiful shape after childbirth. Though they may not disappear as quickly as you may wish; they will, eventually. Just keep putting in the work while looking stylish all the way.

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