Fashion Clothes Trends at 2020 Winter

oversized coat

Yes, it is true that fashion is constantly evolving, but never as this year has fashion been changing, obviously due to the situation we are experiencing caused by the pandemic. The designer Giorgio Armani defined this year’s fashion as “a necessary luxury”, meaning that fashion needs to “do less and do it better”: it is a fashion that is increasingly disconnected from the trends of a single season. The trends will spread over several years and over several times, so that the garments can be used and reused, and reinterpreted within our looks in a different way. So let’s go and see the fashion trends that await us for next winter!

Midi skirts

On the catwalk we saw many knee-length skirts and dresses, super chic and, above all, they look good on everyone!


Cardigans are back in fashion, which is actually an evergreen garment. We can wear a cardigan as a coat or, in the harsh winter, under the coat. Cardigans are very easy to wear, very warm and very comfortable!

Micro band top

The micro tops or exposed bras are worn with high-waisted trousers and very oversized outerwear so that the belly is uncovered and the bra part is in see-through mode. So sexy!

Electric blue

Pantone decreed it’s the color of the year! The return of electric blue, or royal blue, is really a pleasant discovery this year, as it really looks good on everyone.


After a couple of seasons in which bomber has been put aside, this year it will be taken up again because it will be back in fashion. The bomber with its oversized shapes can be worn in both chic and more sporty looks!


Vinyl garments colored in all ways and in all sauces are super trendy, especially vinyl pants. The most beautiful and chic vinyl is definitely the black one!


Forget the cowboy look: fringes this year are worn in super chic looks, such as trims on coats, dresses, or bags.


In particular the velvet trousers, in all shapes and sizes!

Bermuda shorts and shorts

They are back in fashion! They are strictly worn with tights. If you want a lengthening effect, choose black high-waisted shorts with black tights and a black ankle boot, high or low, the choice is yours!

Puff sleeves

Green light to oversized volumes on the shoulders and sleeves, both for coats but also for dresses, shirts, and t-shirts. These huge volumes on the shoulders help to rebalance the figure of those with shapely thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Oversized coat

Surely this is a trend that we have already seen and that we really like: I am talking about the oversized coats, especially as regards the sleeves. This type of coat is especially good for taller women. Instead, be careful to limit the volumes if you are shorter.


Big news this year! The vest is worn exactly like a blazer because the vest is nothing more than a sleeveless blazer. It is worn over t-shirts, over shirts or over dresses. Get creative!

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