The Latest Shapewear Bodysuit and Best Shapewear for Tummy and Waist

Our midsection or tummy area is one of the body parts a lot of us are most conscious about. Nowadays, there are many products which claim to slim the waist. Look no further! Shapewears and bodysuits for tummy and waist is now the trend. They`re excellent to wear, great for supporting your back and figure, and easy to style. Here are some of the latest shapewear and body suits to keep you looking and feeling fabulous!

Lace Bodysuits

Lace bodysuits are perfect to wear under mini dresses or tight-fitting clothes. People will barely know you have a bodysuit underneath your lovely figure! The great thing about this lace bodysuit is you can even wear that it already looks like a night gown which can help you do less whenever you just got off work and want to rest for a bit. You can simply remove your work clothes, and just wear this. Though this may only work if you live alone or just with your husband, but nonetheless, without clothes, this bodysuit looks absolutely beautiful and oozing with elegant sexiness, isn`t it?

1.Full Bodysuit Slimming Shaper with Hooks

One of the most popular shapewears this year are those with hooks as closure. If you`ll be wearing a full dress (which goes from upper to lower body), or simply going to work, this full bodysuit will not only keep you in shape, but will also help create smooth flowing curves. You can also use this while working out.

2. Partial Body Suit with Butt Lifter

Unlike full bodysuits, a partial bodysuit with butt lifter gives you more option to wear whatever bra you want. Because with a full body suit, you may or may not need to put a bra underneath the body suit. If you do decide to wear a bra, a bodysuit, then your clothes, you may not feel very comfortable because there are just so many layers. Getting a partial body suit with an added feature of a butt lifter might be the bodysuit for you!

3. Waist Control Bodysuit

This Waist Control Body Suit is perfect if you`ll be wearing a dress with V-Neck or plunging V-Neck line. This is because you have more options on how you want your breasts and cleavage to be covered up, whether it`s through nipple tape, adhesive nipple cover or strapless bra.

4. Compressing Bodysuits

Compressing body suits tend to simple have these Velcro tapes, stretchable closure or built in stretchable fabric which help flatten your tummy area. This is great if you`ll be wearing clothes with more layers because the closure of this body suit may bulge when worn with tight-fitting clothes.


1.Butt Lifting Shapewear

A butt lifting shapewear is absolutely ideal for short dresses, casual wear, and even office wear because the zip closure isn`t very noticeable when worn underneath. The best shapewear for tummy and waist would be one which helps you cinch your waist, has an extra feature off lifting the butt, had discreet yet firm closures  and gives you options on how you can wear your other underclothes.

2.Abdominal Control Body Shapers

Body Shapers with zippers tend to have abdominal control because unlike with hooks and Velcro tapes, you can`t adjust this body shaper. This will allow you to really stick with your original plan of having a body shaper this tight.

3.Curve Shaping Shorts

The Curve shaping shorts aren`t common yet this is one of the latest shapewear bodysuit which provides you the option to alter how your body curves will look like when work with a dress or an office wear. This type of curve shaping shorts have removable pad which can help you add more definition to your hips and butt which can make your waist look slimmer and your body curvier.

4.Full Body Shaper

A full body shaper is absolutely perfect for working out! You can wear this with a simple tank tops and a pair of shorts. This will help you tighten your body at the same time help you sweat more therefore allowing you to lose more calories. This has an open crotch too which makes it easier to go to the bathroom and do you thing!

5.Seamless Slimming Shapewear

A seamless slimming shapewear is probably one of the most discreet shapewears. And we can`t agree more! It looks like a dress. The great thing about this is you can simply do some layering with your outfit and you can just head out that door and rock your outfit confidently with beautiful curves!

These are some of the latest and most convenient bodysuits and shapewears to have which can help you achieve a beautiful body even with minimal exercise!

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