Quinceañera Dress: Pick the perfect outfit for your 15 pieces of clothing

Quinceañera clothing overflows in beauty and character and is one of the most important garments in Latin American families.

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Choose the right Long Gown Dress suppliers can spend as much time, energy and money as a wedding dress.

In fact, the story of creating a quinceañera Long Gown Dress suppliers is often immersed in the family history, traditions and images of girls wearing it.

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How quinceañera clothing was born
Janet Quezada, manager of Beechnut’s Karla Boutique, said it takes an average of two or three months to create a quinceañera dress. Some may take up to six months.

Quezada said: “Each piece is like a work of art, and they have to be hand-made, not factory-set like a prom dress.” “The gems are hand-sewn.”

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While online retailers offer simple quinceañera dresses in hundreds of dollars, the best dresses are not cheap.

Quezada said she held consultations with the girls and their families, measured her Mexico City design team and prepared the clothes by hand.

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For all this work, you are expected to pay $ 700 to $ 1600 for your dream costume. At the high end, the bill could even balloon to about $ 2,400.

Maria Herrera, the boss of Sarah’s Couture on the Eastex Freeway, said family history is also important before sewing a line.

Herrera said girls may bring their favorite clothes or select color photos, but gowns designers must also consult family members about existing traditions, especially Padrinos, the godparents that pay for the celebration.

Choose the perfect quinceañera Long Gown Dress suppliers trick

Long Gown Dress suppliers

Karen Lopez, marketing manager at Karla Boutique, offers these expert advice to make sure that you and your clothing shine on special days:

Think about your complexion: When choosing the colors of a quinceañera dress, it is important to know which colors will work with your complexion rather than to wash you. For example, if you have a complex light, avoid the champagne-colored clothes.

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Make sure you are comfortable: When you try on clothes, consider that you wear at least 6 hours of clothing. Although the long train is beautiful, Lopez said that as time goes on, some girls will eventually wear clothes to stop her from showing off.

Choose shoes in advance: You will need to wear the shoes on your dress. Since quinceañera dress may be heavy, you will wonder if you can walk comfortably.

Do not forget your tiara: Lopez also suggests wearing the tiara you want to wear. This accessory can be quite heavy after a few hours of wear and you need to know if it will comfortably alter your appearance or become a royal affliction.

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