Local women’s organizations ball gown exchange, gifts

Panama City, Florida – Balls can be one of the most memorable nights for high school students, but keeping everyone happy can be costly. A local woman is helping young girls prepare for dancing without breaking the bank.

“It’s just a nice time to hang out with friends, have fun,” said Rutherford senior Meghan Green.

Finding the perfect Long Gown Dress can be expensive. Brenda Green knew it after buying her daughter a $ 400 dress that was worn once.

“I put it in the closet and I do not think it’s the only one, so after speaking with my girlfriend and their friends, I found a lot of clothes in the closet and the kids would not wear it again, Rims said.

Fashion Dresses

The following year, she organized “No Wear” on VFW in Panama City on Saturday, inviting anyone to change clothes or choose a dress for free.

“I want to say I’m very grateful I do not need to make a lot of money for it. I can rent it, keep it, or change clothes,” Megan said.

There are Long Gown Dress of various shapes and sizes, some with labels. In addition – shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Hani Beauty Salon also offers 30 free haircuts, facials and manicure and pedicure to ensure that young women are prepared for special evenings. When she plans to continue the tradition, unselected dresses will be preserved next year.

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