Super parents! Chrissy Teigen laughed with her daughter Luna and handed her over to John’s father because he planted a cigarette at the age of one

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They expect their second child in June.

But the first offspring of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were filled with both hands as they found out kissing one-year-old daughter Luna in New York on Tuesday.

Sports pictorial model, 32, and her musician husband, 39, look at the moon as they pass between cute clown.

Chrissy looked complicated and chic, she walked into the big apple with her toddler and embraced her.

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Her flawless style was obvious, as she passed it on to her daughter, and Luna shaken a lovely blue youth cloth suit.

Both mother and daughter are laughing, laughing together to greet the proud father.

Chrissy hands him Luna as a professional because John puts his hand in the baby’s arms as he laughs.

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Then, dear father planted a big mouth on his daughter’s cheek before entering the building.

Chrissy was later seen as going to a real estate agent’s office because they had been looking for a new spread in Manhattan since December last year when they reportedly visited a cushion of $ 10 million.

The star barely shows her baby hit with pink print Maxi Long Gown Dress suppliers and a black leather motorcycle jacket. Her singer spouse separately.

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The All Of Me hit maker looks stylish, wearing a black suit with a black turtleneck underneath and shining black shoes as he is moving in the direction of his new musical, The Jesus Christ Superstar Call.

Teigen looks good during this pregnancy.

On Tuesday, she nailed her ensemble.

Long pink Long Gown Dress suppliers looks very eye-catching, because she knotted the bottom to show off her black high-heeled boots.

Her leather jacket is well fitted with a large collar and plenty of silver embellishment.

Pinup girl with beautiful Swedish braids brushing her hair, perfect makeup.

Her accessories include oversized aviator sunglasses, hoop earrings and Gucci backpacks, and John’s big diamond engagement ring she married in 2013.

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In 2016, the couple sold their Nolita loft for $ 3.9 million. Since it looks like they’re always looking for new property.

Because they already have daughter Luna, they may want a two or three bedroom home.

The sightings came after the beauty talked candidly of her fears she might experience postpartum depression after giving birth to her second child (a boy) in June.

“Am I worried about this boy? I do,” she admitted on her appearance in Los Angeles on Saturday, people reported.

“But I also know that once it happened, if it happened, I was ready, there was a perfect person around me.”

Chrissy discusses her experiences with a hairstylist, Jen Atkin, at a creation and training session.

She described postpartum depression as “falling” from medicine after a dramatic increase in endorphins.

“I know I am personally unhappy, but I do not think it has any problems, because I think it is a fact,” she explained. ‘You have a child, you are very sad, you lost those endorphins, that’s it. ‘

She added that she hoped more people around her would say her mood and pointed out that something was wrong.

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Meanwhile, the Lip Sync Battle host, married to musician John Legend, took an interview with social media this weekend to defend her husband from internet troll.

John, 39, shared a photo with Instagram showing him carrying his lovely 22-month-old daughter in the city streets.

One follower thinks Luna always looks in her parents’ arms, commenting: “It was very tired to see them carrying her, when she did not need legs.”

This caused Chrissy to hit back: ‘Are you tired? Will it make you so sad and upset? And add a sad expression.

She continued: “We’re sorry to let you worry about the sadness of the Queen of the Universe, Hosmanna, and what we can do for you to make it better and sweet angel.”

Over 20,000 people quickly liked Chrissy’s quick response, with hundreds of fans joining in the reply.

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