Shopping style Lisa Appleton (Lisa Appleton) in the evening dress when shopping, when she went to Kadashan country to Cala Basas and hidden mountains

LISA Appleton went to Los Angeles to Calabasas and tried to pass along with the Hollywood elites.

The forty-nine-year-old former brother star will show her feet in a flowing black Cheap Long Gown Dress, through the thigh’s thigh,

After a complete image of the repair, to show her new character, Lisa her hair back to the ponytail, and then put on some of the shadow of retail therapy.

After visiting the Commons shopping center, she went to a hidden hills trip – some of the biggest stars on the spot.

Lisa has spent more than two weeks in California soaking the sights, enjoying the scenery and lifestyle only Lisa can.

However, this trip is far from smooth sailing, and her cabin safety is almost as soon as possible by the “sex toys” in the baggage used to help your pelvic muscles.

After pulling the muscles on the beach, drag the three corners of the city center in Los Angeles, go to the store with the Kardashian store Dash and tell Sun Online that she is considered a prostitute man.

According to our sources, the stars in the monastery with friends, when an overly craving admirer made her an illegal request.

Soon, it was clear that the man’s lie ended Lisa’s thing for life, because he asked her how much sex she wanted and told her that his friends in Calabas had paid very well – a million The sex or anything you want. ”

The source continued: “Lisa was fooled and considered a prostitute, fearing that she was setting up for some more evil things.

“She is very clear to him, although she is known for her shameless shooting, she never worked like a passport.

“Although she may have been trying for many years, she has lost everything, but Lisa has her own boundaries, because she has been paid for one of them!”

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