One of the most beautiful BRIDAL SALONS in New York City

The first time I heard Mark Ingram’s name was in 2006, when my new sister called and told me that she found her wedding in his boutique. This is a satin Ramona Keveza robe with lace and a long row of buttons. I will never forget the amazing results she saw on the wedding day, which made me recently went to the Ingram on the Upper East Boutiques in particular.

“We really do not do basic clothes here,” Ingram said from a plush sofa on his boutique. “We do classic Long Gown Dress, style and beautiful execution.We do avant – garde, beyond, very avant – garde fashion dress.

The third generation of New York University undergraduate, Ingram graduated from music and art high school, received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from New York University. “My dream is to become a fashion director, but in the end I finally took part in Bon Walkit’s administrative training program on the retail line, which now closes the luxury department store,” he said. “In the early eighties, Escalator Bergdorf Goodman “, served as a buyer in the fashion department, specializing in senior clients such as Lena Horne. In 1994, he received a job that proved to be a change: planning his sister’s wedding.

“I have a valuable sister, who is five years younger than I. She is very cute, but she does not care about fashion and style.” With their mothers, Ingram plans every aspect of the wedding, from dining and floral arrangements To the sister’s head to the toe appearance. “I even made the hair on the wedding day,” he said. “She basically has just appeared” because of his fashion background, Ingram likes this experience and sees the bride as the perfect niche. He spent some time focusing on the opportunity to be appointed in 1996 as Amsale’s sales director.

“I met the most important buyers all over the country and contacted many other brands at the event, market and trade show,” Ingram said, adding that he also became a black man. “There is not so much in the fashion world bride, and I’m working for a black woman, Amsale, so it is very powerful,” he said.

After a friendly cooperation with Amsale in 2000, Ingram received a proposal from the retail director of the Soho bride store Wearkstatt, which led him to contact the brands and designers such as Monique Lhuillier, Angel Sanchez and Peter Langner. A year later the store closes and the owner encourages him to set up his own salon.

“I opened the store in January 2002,” said Ingram, “after 9/11, in the midst of a small town on the 55th Street, I took all the brands I was in Werkstatt.” Nine After one, the “people” focus on marriage. It brought the thought to “we promised” We celebrated it for making us happy – my career took off. ”

In five years, Ingram and his clients went beyond the original space, and today Mark Groom’s bride studio is located in a brick and tile building not far from the original location. Ingram says only six dressing rooms can arrange this private quiet and refined boutique. He added: “We do not really encourage twenty girls to come to your appointment and chat because it really distracts.” We said that taking your bridesmaids for you, helping you learn how to clamor, how Manipulate, how to go to the bathroom, and not in your date to see how you should look, because you know how you should be. “He is a store, you and one or two people to go to a shopping experience, accompanied by champagne and expert help to help you find your dream.

“There’s a lot of talk about online shopping, and the bride, they are trying all these new stuff, you order five pieces of clothes, they come in the mail, you try them, and then send them back. That’s really great, everyone Have the opportunity … but for me, this experience should be luxurious. Nothing is more than shopping, like going to a retail store to go shopping.

During the bride’s week in New York City, the front-row fixture Ingram travels across Europe’s markets and finds clothes for his shop. The current options include clothes such as Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab and Carolina Herrera, and other related novices such as Otilia Brailoiu and Mira Zwillinger. Recently he was a lot of pants and one pants, after several years to see the bride like pure and gorgeous decorative evening dress, Ingram noticed the simpler design.

He said: “There is nothing more than a long sleeves or no straps of simple and beautiful robes, impeccable fabrics, impeccably cut, and beautifully decorated by belts, ribbons or bowls.” This looks really Very elegant. ”

This description reminds me of my sister’s clothes, so I picked up a picture from her wedding on the phone. “Did she find it here?” He asked, and when he studied the robes, his smile widened. “Oh, she’s pretty! I like it!”

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