Need the last minute Halloween costume? The idea of ​​four cheap household items

When we close on the weekends of Halloween, many of us will compete in the afternoon of the Masquerade looking for the last minute thoughts.

Fortunately, Marissa Kochanski, fashion designer at St Albert’s Children’s Theater, has four ideas here, using household items.

Lion (or faded flower?)

You may not have a full-body garment, but with some newspapers and some ribbon pieces, you can coiffed with a majestic mane.

And, bonus: Kochanski said the costume can be used as a zombie factory.

“It could also be a part of a dry floral arrangement,” Kockanski told CBC radio was active. “Which child does not want to be part of a flower arrangement?”

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

How all these plastic bags get into your house? Make good use of them and make the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (and make sure it’s recycled).

What better way to showcase your social consciousness, the huge islands of plastic bags that float on the Pacific Ocean?

Kochanski said: “If you bought a large plastic shopping bag, and you cut the bottom, then the two handles is the sleeve.

She put the bag in the bag, and soon she put on a Cheap Long Gown Dress, like a pile of floating garbage appeared at the party.

Radio active

Section ochanski said, but one thing is missing.

“I do not have any distressed sea creatures in my house, but if I have some, I can fasten them to my skirt.” “Or a starfish or someone else knows the nautical theme there.”

If you have to explain a joke, it is usually not a funny thing, but a princess dress in a plastic bag is only a problem.

VHS tape skirt

Kochanski raised her VHS skirt, composed of a lower body exercise band.

This is something Cher might wear – maybe in the 90s, it was made of something you might not use anymore.

“It looks a bit like the technology of the 1990s, just like uh, really,” Kochanski said.

The costume designer created this tape after noticing some type of VHS tape in her home.

“I have all these lower body VHS tapes,” she said. “And then I think … well, the real lower body solution is to cover your body with VHS tape! ”

Do not mind working on the lower body – overwrite it with a VHS tape of the appropriate theme.

Trophy deer

Kochanski found some cardboard near her house and the ball began to roll. She said: “I cut a wall-hung sign.”

“Then I went out, there were some branches in the yard, I tied them to the headband, and I was a deer!

She drilled the pilot holes in the branches and fastened them to the headband with some screws. She was plumbered because she had no headband, but said it would work fine.

She said, “It does not cost me anything.” I think these things are kind, bona fide things Muggle can have. ”

Kochanski said the small number of carpenters involved in making clothes is a long way from being durable.

“The hardest part of apparel is making sure they all stay together.” The best advice I can give you is before you think too much about decoration, something like painting and thinking about the basics of your clothing .

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