P.E.I. Musicians sell weddings to help finance new albums

To fund her new album, P.E.I. musician Meaghan Blanchard sold one of her favorite things – her wedding Long Gown Dress.

Blanchard’s new album “The Great Escape” (The Great Escape) will be released on January 10, 2018. She and her producer have just finished recording this week, and although she has invested about $ 15,000 so far, she will have to spend another $ 10,000 on CDs and vinyl records. Some marketing.

“I just looked at my expenses and I figured that I had a long way to go in January and then I went upstairs to see my wedding dress hanging in the spare bedroom I just thought – Enjoy it like me, “she said.

Married musician Thomas Webb, 28, likes her lace, cream robe and everything on her wedding day.

Blanchard wrote a touching post for the dress on Facebook and placed it on Kijiji.

She wrote: “This dress will make you dance … I feel sexy and beautiful, and this dress will make you dance like Beyoncé.” My brother came over and held my arm, “I just want to say … you look pretty, and I love you, my brother told me for the first time that he loved me and wears this dress, which breaks your heart.

Blanchard asked for a $ 1,200 dress.

She wants her ad to stand out because it not only lists the details of the dress itself, but also outlines the joy it brings to her.


Blanchard said: “I never thought I could see or feel the bride’s feeling – I always thought it was a stupid, until I try on this dress, her bent buttocks and short stature of self-awareness – She is five feet four inches tall – but the dress helps.

“This hug in all the right places.”

Blanchard used her bridal shoes as souvenir memorabilia, but feeling worn over the skirt wasted.

She said: “I just think that if I can provide such experience for others while raising money to create new records, then this is a win-win situation.

More fundraising efforts

Blanchard is about to launch The Great Escape for sale, which will also help its production.

This album, Blanchard’s fourth album, for her is a new voice. She said she was getting rid of the rustic style of her last couple, she said – describing the album as having a folk roots and an independent film. She also designed the cover art myself.

She said: “Really feel like me, I really hope people like it.” Feel good. “

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