Welcome to STYRKE, song (and style) SWEDISH POP STAR you should be concerned

When you get Lorde approved seal, you have the opportunity to be a very good thing. Tove Styrke is the case, just in March next year, “Melodrama” pop music star signed 15 US trip.

Styrke from Stockholm has had a lot of attention in Sweden. Born in Long Gown Dress Umeå, Styrke has been singing as long as she remembers. “My best friend once complained to my mother,” Styrke told Fashionista via a Los Angeles phone call. “She will say,” because she is always singing, you can not take Tove. ”

Styrke’s parents cultivated a passion for music about 10 years old; she found Björk, the rest was history. “It’s not about songs or sounds,” she said. “Really hit my whole voice.” At the age of 17, Styrke had participated in the “Swedish Idol” (third place), signed with Sony Music and started writing songs. She released her debut album in 2010; her second grade album “Kiddo” was launched in 2015.

Now 24 years old, ready to accept larger, more global fans, Styrke back to the studio, travel between Stockholm and LA, writing and making new music. “What I’m doing now is the opposite of my last album,” Styrke said. “These sounds are more and more – everything is great, this time, I am trying to strip production, and these songs are more about personal things, things inside the mind.

This spring, Styrke released the “rogue hell” electronic music “Say My Name”, Wednesday, she “Mistakes” song released a new video. “Fugitive Bride” inspired Styrke to live a pop singer – a wedding dress, a Madonna’s “like a virgin” or Gwen Stefani’s “simple life” – although Styrke’s ensemble was more of the “90’s wedding dress.”

We catch up with Styrke before the “wrong” video debut, learn more about her own personal style, the brand she loves, and when she is shopping in New York City and Los Angeles.

We love the retro style wedding dress in the “mistake”. How did you try to get them

This is the most crazy thing we found this guy in Uppsala, Sweden, they collected the 90’s wedding dress, such as “Rachel” dress. He has hundreds of people. It is so perfect, exactly what we need. We even decorated the whole studio in a scene. This is the wedding dress landscape, I was pink. I am glad that person exists and his collection. He lent us a bunch of good things.

How do you describe your personal style?

I like to switch things. When I find myself, I do not like this feeling. I want to keep myself surprised for me, fashion and clothes and make-up is also a way to get rid of character and character, just like playing with their own ideas. If I put on a nice dress, it would make me feel different, for example, I wore Beaver’s and Butt-head shirt that I wore my face. It’s funny thing.

Does your style change when playing?

Yes Yes. On the stage, I do more. I exaggerated more, and I tend to wear something that might be less wearable or comfortable.

Do you work with stylists?

I am working with Selam Fessahaye. She was so.

What is the relationship between her creative process and her?

Every song I have gone through a different stage. So for ‘say my name’, I have an atmosphere, I really like this video. We use too large lavender suits, to some extent more sporty and graphic. This is a very obvious color theme that we are using. For “wrong”, it is a romantic theme with a wedding dress, pink, red lips and plenty of eyelashes. We are through different styles with funny fabrics and cool silhouettes.

What brand do you really enter now?

The last thing I love is the cooperation between sunglasses between Chris Habana and Prabal Gurung. He made a bunch of cool things like Rihanna was wearing earrings in her “paper magazine” shooting. I have always loved Gani. They have Scandi-touch but still keep fun and a little street. I have these pink shoes and I love it very much.

When you are in the United States, what do you like to shop

Compared to the family, I always find more retro things and cool shops in New York City. I like that. You can always find strange or interesting things there. In Los Angeles, I have been trying to buy clothes, but I finally bought a lot of witch equipment, such as oil and spices – witch things, like you can burn the stick.

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