Disney presents her princess wedding dress series in the style of your favorite fairy tale

The new wedding takes the classic fairy tale style, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White.

Disney and Japanese Cheap Long Gown Dress wedding company Kuraudia Co cooperation, in the new wedding with 14 clothes, photographed six princess, wrote the Manchester Evening News.

The bride can choose Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White or Cinderella.

They are not cheap. Currently, they can only be rented and will allow you to return $ 3600 (£ 2,687) piece.

If you want to bring it to a new level, the husband can also rent a Prince Charming dress for $ 900 (£ 672).

Every piece of clothing is used by you from the princess’s wedding dress look forward to the elaborate.

They include …



For Cinderella to get up, the flowing robe features are a dramatic pink blue body

There is no information about whether it is equipped with a pair of glass slippers (or just one if you really want to enter the story).
Beauty and the beauty of the beast

Belle is popular on canary yellow shoulder dress. Silk layers of full, as if the perfect blend into the beauty of the ball.

We have not yet been confirmed whether they are using a beast dress, if your partner wants a more reckless atmosphere than the prince.


Or you can wear a red shoulder strap number, a snow princess.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is an angel-like soft chiffon dress. Perfect noon reception nap, we hear.

If you have fallen in love with this dress – you may be disappointed to hear that, according to a mirror, they are currently only used in Japan.

I believe it will not stop some brides from wearing the dream clothes.

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