Grace Kelly wears a second (pink) wedding dress

Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) all the time is one of the best wedding, no controversy. US Princess today still affect the bride fashion, which is worth noting that the Duchess of Cambridge and Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr).

But while the costume designer Helen Rose’s long-sleeved dress is still wearing the best list, but many people forget that the Long Gown Dress Oscar winners actually wear two pieces of wedding in the weekend of April 1956.

Before she married St. Nicholas Cathedral and Monaco Prince Reina III, Kelly said for the first time that “I did” in the imperial ritual.

Rose, also equipped with four movie actresses, designed two sets of ensemble. Taffeta clothing with hand-made Alençon lace, with a long skirt, with tight collar and round neck. The fabric also uses silk embroidery as an additional embroidery.

Unlike her ivory dress the next day, this pale pink dress falls between champagne, tan and blush. Movement of a Juliet hat and a child’s gloves, Kelly looked at the real princess.

Of course, this fashionable star has long been not in that dress. The following press conference, she replaced another tea dress, to accept public congratulations. A few hours later, Kelly walked into her last night: a white silk Lanvin dress, accompanied by exquisite headdress and ruby ​​and diamond necklace, is her new theme gift.

Although Kelly is not the only celebrity in the big day rocking multiple expressions, but she certainly helped start a trend.

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