Short and Changan Cara peplum dress 2017 years

We have prepared for you the latest photo of Changan Kara short sleeve Long Gown Dress 2017! Nigerian ladies continue to maintain loyalty to ladies and Ankara women. See the brightest look and design, and get inspiration to create your beautiful combination!

Most women like to wear skirts. Of course, everyone has a different taste. Some girls wear short skirts, others like long. That’s why dresses will never stand out.

Women will never be tired of paying attention to their presence, emphasizing their attraction and beauty. Peplum style is one way to do this. It originated in ancient Greece. Today, it is one of the most fashionable styles. What is peplum design, how do you wear it? Please read carefully and find out the answer.

Peplum is in the waist with the fabric or hem. It is tempting to emphasize all the feminine charm and hidden flaws. In which you will focus on your waist so that the buttocks become bent.

The fabric folds provide elegance and charm. In most cases, a plump woman’s problem is her hips. So if pep lum lum ends. ends. ends. The The The The The The The The The The The The

Almost everything can wear peplum. In particular, peplum looks pretty in the dress.

A win-win choice with friends or social gatherings is a tight and digital hug dress with peplum style. Neutral tones provide a more conservative image, and in order to maximize the expression of the bright rainbow color.

There are fashionable women want to hide the fullness of the stomach. In this case, the blush should start from the chest and end with the waist.

Obese woman’s robe length should be on the floor or above the knee. This is more exaggerated.


So let’s start from the skirt. Short Ankara peplum dress is usually simple to cut. The top of the dress is often assembled. Can use short, long and 3 / 4sleeves. You can make it even more fun by adding lanterns or horns. A short skirt can even sew in a place without a sleeve.

If you choose a rich style, then keep the collar as simple as possible. Wear these types of Ankara dress when you should avoid fine jewelry. If you sew a simple sleeve with a short dress, you will be able to buy the nuts on the accessory.

As for the bottom of the skirt, a pencil skirt design is very complacent. Ankara short-sleeved dress and pencil skirt can make you very gorgeous.

Such clothes are suitable for office and even events. Choose an Ankara fabric, soft colors, shallow color, the appearance of simple.

To make it more festive, make the overall tailor simple, but you can add some frilly. It can make more lace, chiffon or embroidery extra decoration. You can even sew blush from different and bright fabrics. But it should be mixed with the color of the base fabric.

Part of the clothes can be made of monochrome, without any pattern. You can combine two or more fabrics and insert them into a unique Ankara style.

For Ankara long-sleeved dress, usually designed for more festive occasions. This style can be made long and narrow dress or mermaid dress. Frilts can be done from the buttocks, knees or in the middle.

Your overall look will depend on the size and color of the pattern. If the design on the fabric is large and bright, the pattern looks better when its straight line narrows toward the bottom of the skirt. If the pattern is small and delicate, you can make a hem from the middle of the buttocks or knees.

When it comes to the top of the clothes, you have a lot of options with cropping and design. A long dress looks good without a shoulder strap or a shoulder. The depth of the back or neckline cutting is also fashionable. You can use 2017 Ankara style soft frilly or chiffon shawl stressed strapless.

The parotid gland can be made in different lengths: the back can be longer and the front is shorter. You can also choose fashion folding.

For the feast of the holiday, please look a little bit. Sew a chiffon or lace under the hem. Let it be slightly longer than the basic. You can repeat the same decoration in the collar.

Add a thin layer of contrast fabric or leather bright ribbons above the peplum element. You can use thin lace instead of belt.

Please remember the following for the color of the fabric of this dress. White, black, red, blue, turquoise, pink, yellow and gray – these are the main fashion colors of the season. Ankara fabric is usually the pattern of flowers and geometry.

For bright Ankara color lovers, you can choose large variations of all possible colors and patterns of fabric. You can even combine two types of fabrics.

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