Fashion in conflict:With the brand clothing supply line in the Ukrainian theater dry, the local design of the uniform is booming

In the war-torn eastern part of Ukraine, the military appearance of this season is angry, tired and the kingdom of the Soviet Union is necessary for those who are dressed in Russian-backed insurgents in the broken crucible.

With the international brands such as Zara and Levi withdrawing from the de facto Donetsk capital of the fighter, it has created valuable space for local designers who have provided the clothes in boutiques to reflect the bleakness of everyday life Realistic clothes.

27-year-old designer Yulia Morozova said that the most popular female costume in her industrial city was a product called “small lumps” east.

Long black and gray robe shining, and with a translucent scarf decorated with the name of the Donetsk People’s Republic of the blue and red patterns.

Double-headed eagle – the logo used by Serbian and Russian President Vladimir Putin – also on the locally designed evening Cheap Long Gown Dress.


The war in the European Union backyard, which began in 2014, has taken away the lives of more than 10,000 people – the most unfortunate is that both sides have slaughtered shells or mines that are planted in high numbers.

These days, the conflict has been calm to the low intensity of the battle, in which regular tricks are sometimes broken, but will eventually disappear.

Some of the southeastern regions of the former Soviet republic are still firmly divided – while Kiev called Russia’s control.

The clothes inevitably reflect this reality, the military appearance, as well as the old-fashioned Russian stand-alone characters, such as nested dolls designed to be large in the streets.

Morozova’s more striking piece of clothing is called the “young republic”, which overlaps with white embroidery and has a full-length sleeve of the Donetsk flag.

“We all live in a young republic – it just starts to grow,” Morozova told the spectators of the local designer’s special outdoor exhibitions.

“Because we were all born in the Soviet Union, another piece of clothes was designed by hammers and sickles,” she said.

“Los Angeles”

Not everyone is happy to change the global brand through fashion “La Ross”.

Former language student Yelena – now unemployed, unwilling to retaliate against pro-Russian rebels – out of a large Donetsk shopping center without a single purchase.

“These military, pseudo-patriotic designs, these nested dolls design, embroidery” La Ross “- no one is high quality material. I do not like any one,” said the 27-year-old man.

“Lack of demand and war, just pushing good clothes from Donetsk.”

There have been nearly a million people living in the bustling city today by local enterprises and a large number of cheap stores from Turkey and China to sell out of the store.

Tatyana Protchenko designer said that two years ago the conflict almost every day in the request of life, her latest style of inspiration came. “It was spring, the trees were blooming, the outdoor was warm and beautiful, but the shells exploded and people were dying,” Protchenko recalls.

“This war has had a profound impact on my collection.”


But she insists that her design is not to promote war.

“The idea is that despite the fighting, Donetsk’s women are still subtle and feminine.

However, adviser Yelena questioned why women wear uniforms, or wear political Russian flag, as well as during the war, two self-proclaimed southeastern self-defense.

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