Plymouth – Review: October 25th

50 years ago

According to the October 26, 1967, Massachusetts Governor John Volpe’s Old Colonial Memorial Day was held in Plymouth on the day of the pilgrimage site’s dedication ceremony. Boston Edison family members, politicians, town officials, television men, news photographers, radio stations and journalists attended more than 100 people who were often described as “historical events” during the exercise. The Plymouth voters’ committee said that he was delighted and proud of Boston’s Edison’s choice of the town of our factory. ”

Between 650 and 675 officials and guests attended the white cliffs of former American hotel and motel associations and had dinner on New England lobster, steamed clams and grilled chicken. Many people are interested to see the Plymouth Wax Museum in the corner of the large restaurant.

A 21-year-old Newton man will soon be murdered in the High Court of Plymouth. Roger Francis faces a first-degree murder in connection with the death of Marialice Pike in Rochelling on March 12th. The fifteen-year-old body was found by a national cavalry in the middle line of the Hamburg Line 3, initially thought to be a bunch of old clothes. She found five bullets wound. Francis later gave up the minister of St. John in Quebec and was brought back to question and face the charges.

Boston’s Bianchi House was reportedly asked to submit the wedding for the president’s eldest daughter Lynda Bird Johnson and will soon be the wife of Charles S. Robb of Captain Massachusetts, USA. Over the past eight years, every girl who graduated from the Sacred Heart High School, the area is familiar, because they are wearing a set of Bian chi dress at the beginning of the practice. Long Gown Dress skirt usually in the waistline of the A line skirt has a simple collar, a small sleeve and a lace elegant lace. It usually has a matching jacket that looks like a part of the dress.

25 years ago

From the Charlotte Road on October 16, the police called for complaints about speeding. According to the October 12, 1992, the Old Colonial Memorial Hall, the Plymouth Prisoner chased the speeding motorcycle knight, along the 80th and Kingston lines, and finally arrested his nephew. The 18-year-old man was charged with taking harm to the stolen property, causing an accident involving property damage, without stopping the police and operating unregistered and uninsured vehicles.

37-year-old Kane Hodder attended guest at Marshfield at Haunted Hayrides in Marshfield Fairgrounds. He has so far played the only actor in Jason Wolysus three times in the “Friday 13” film; in sections 7, 8 and 9. In the city, he was interviewed on the local cable TV program “HypeTV” and talked about the role played. Hodder is a stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor. His first stunt is in the television program “emergency”, he was placed on the top of the burning oil refining tower. He said: “I do fire, fight, car accident, high fall, in addition to the horse outside of anything.”

Singer / actress Madonna released a controversial coffee table called “sex”. Walden book in the center of Plymouth and the center of the independent shopping center are intended to sell, but have not yet received. These copies were sold separately for shrink wraps in Mylar. It is priced at $ 49.95, Waldenbooks and Book Corner will be on the copy of the desk on the desk. Before you buy, no copy is available for viewing. While this is a riot, New York guests said: “So boring, it gives porn into a bad name.”

Michael Kelly, who was accused of murdering two Plymouth women last spring, was found to be able to be tried and will present a new hearing on the court in court on November 10. As a result of the psychiatric test conducted at the Bridgewater State Hospital, Pembroke’s 35-year-old Kelly was capable, but Boston’s lawyer Bernard Grossberg did not agree with the ruling. Kelly was held in the county prison in Plymouth. He was charged with murdering 21-year-old Colleen Coughlin and 24-year-old Debra Levangie.

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